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neuroplasticity of your mind, the fluid intelligence, the band
width, and the frequency.
As such, the information is for entertainment and growth
purposes only, and is as with all stages of awareness a
subjective view, designed for that goal alone. It is up to the
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You were born with the most powerful computer
in the universe between your ears…
Perhaps it’s time to learn how to become a programmer of

What do you think?

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This book serves as a technical introduction to the subject of
Neuroplastic Mental Acceleration: What problems it solves
from the past, and what use it has within the future of the
human race.
“Consciousness” is a word much bandied about by people
with a variety of subjective definitions on what it may mean or
represent. For the purpose of NMA, “consciousness” as a word
is used to determine a state of awareness — how aware an
individual is — symbiotically, linguistically, mentally,
environmentally, empathetically, spiritually, and in terms of their
The consciousness levels of the human race varies widely from
person to person and from time to time, and as such provides
a huge disparity in the way individuals see the world,
themselves and other human beings across their lives.
Becoming self-aware, or as the great psychologist Abraham
Maslow put it — “self-actualised”, is a higher state of
consciousness that only comes from asking deeper better
quality questions about:
Why we think the way we do?
Why we believe the things we do?
Why we do the things we do?
And as a consequence, why we react the way we do, and what
really is the purpose/meaning of life?
As a result of asking deeper better quality questions, we can —
if we try hard enough, become the architect and creator of our
life experience on all fronts, through ever greater levels of
awareness. This is not just saying — we are “aware” or
“conscious” — because we’ve unconsciously decided that we
are for our own egocentric purposes of limitation. Instead, it is
a state of being, and a state of continual transformation and
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There are symptoms — in terms of behaviour, linguistics and
thinking — that are representative of higher and lower levels of
consciousness/awareness; consequently, providing the
richness of “life” a person may experience, or indeed may not.
These can be analysed through trained observation and
psychoanalysis, resulting in the assessment of what a person
does, believes and says; leading one to understand the
individual in question’s state of thinking — that is either in the
ascendency, or in suppression.
Why one person is more aware than another, and why the
majority of the human race are in a low level of awareness, is
part of the study of NMA; as much as how the levels of human
consciousness can be increased in a person — if that is, they
are willing to ascend. And how ascension of the human race as
a whole may be a potential reality (unity consciousness) given
the catalyst of AI, and the social re-evolution we are going
The words “ascension” and “enlightenment” are not often used
within the western world, for they are perhaps generally
perceived to represent mystical states — that only monks and
spiritual gurus achieve after years of silence and meditation.
Yet, to ascend in terms of consciousness — is a very natural
process of mental evolution; just like the body transcends from
the safety of the womb into the world through the birth canal,
so does the spirit of higher consciousness transcend out of
what is called a “psychological protective shell identity”,
through a specific ascension process; once called a rite of
passage by indigenous peoples.
In western society, there is no rite of passage that we can
discern, or any thought of what one might be or why it may be
useful. Yet, what we do experience as a transition point, is
sometimes called a mid-life crisis or even burn-out,
accompanied by the corresponding depression and anxiety as
well as a myriad of mental and physical maladies, that are a
direct result of not experiencing what is called the shift…the
break-out from the psychological protective shell — the
autopilot — as well as the construct—the social prison we are
born into.

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As the great psychologist Carl Jung put it.. “the unconscious
will remain ascendant until you make the unconscious
Consciousness as a subject, has been studied by philosophers
across the ages, from an individual and a social perspective.
Karl Marks for example, considered the proletariats
unconscious of their position under the bourgeoisie, until they
became conscious of the disparity in society and revolution
Consciousness/awareness however, is not IQ, and in fact, the
higher the IQ and the more conditioned within the academic
system, the less likely consciousness will be present in people
in terms of higher states of awareness; the reasons for this we
will explore from the first chapters of this book.
The key question to ask when we begin to study NMA, is —
does enlightenment exist, and what would it be like to achieve?
However, in a religious or spiritual sense, most people are
turned off and never look at the technical aspect of what the
journey to this position might be, what would you have to do to
aspire and ascend to this level of awareness.
Nirvana for example, is part of all four of the lead Indian
religions of Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, and Sikhism. In the
Buddhist context, Nirvana refers to the realization of non-self
and emptiness, marking the end of rebirth by stilling the fires
that keep the process of rebirth going.To achieve this status,
one has to get rid of three psychological evils – Raga (greed,
desire), Dwesha (anger) and Moha (delusion).
The concept of finding balance in one’s thoughts, a sense of
peace, has certainly always been part of the new age
movement, and the practice of meditation as a way of
escaping the stresses of modern life that seem relentless, yet
the path to finding a state of super-creativity in this realm, and
accelerating the mind way beyond what we take as normal, is
where the future lies.
Nivarna in this life and in NMA, means moving from the
mindset created over years of unconscious mental suppression
— to the mind space, a natural place of innovative and
creative genius that is common to virtually all of us at the age
of five. In this book, we look at the science behind
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consciousness, and how we are all capable of returning to that
innovative genius of our five year-old selves, and at the same
time leveraging the wisdom bank of all the years of our adult
lives; all at our at our disposal every moment of the day as we
actively choose to direct thought into gamma and theta brain
How our brains work the way they do, why they work the way
they do, and how we can use behavioural science, social
science and neuroscience, combined with studying the science
behind consciousness itself, to release unlimited amounts of
energy and potential is at the core of NMA; a process formed
simply by following the science, accepting the science, and
using the sciences of your unknown universe to realise the
genius within you.
This book is an introduction to NMA, and why it is the most
revolutionary system in approaching not only therapy, but also
the future of human mental evolution, through focusing on the
neuroplasticity of the mind first, to develop greater
bandwidths of thought in terms of creative problem-solving,
critical thinking, empathetic understanding and co-creative
abilities. Developing the brain structure itself, to do exactly
what Carl Jung suggested — make the unconscious conscious
in all people, in order to leverage 4o million bits of data per
second, rather than carrying on with only 40 bits of conscious
data working within a very limited state of awareness; living
within the prison & prism of self-identification within limitation,
that serves a personally projected perspective reality; the
illusory identity avatar supported by the negatively polarised
construct of the unconscious human society.
It’s the shift from convergent left-brain thinking into
hemispheric synchronisation and flow state, from alpha and
beta brain waves to gamma an theta for an agility of mind that
will simply out-perform unconscious minds in every way
For my own part, I jumped from virtually zero creativity for the
first 45 years of my life, into a massive shift of awareness that
has produced over 1.5 million written words in over twenty
books, hundreds of hours of recorded trainings; developed
structures to help humanity overcome poverty, inequality and
suppression; as well as developing mechanisms to train people

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easily in what it took me over fifteen years of focused research,
analysis and development to achieve.
The value of the information you will find here, is built on the
shoulders of the likes of Socrates, Plato, Haanel, Hill, Freud,
Jung and Hubbard, as well as modern-day visionaries such as
Dr Bruce Lipton, Dr Joe Dispenza, Erkart Toll, and Jordan
Peterson. Yet the true wisdom behind NMA, is the countless
numbers of individuals and groups of individuals who have
contributed to the research behind NMA; lending themselves
as subjects of consciousness study, to develop the integrity of
a process that has ultimately one purpose and one purpose
only — to save humanity from itself, and develop the minds
of men and women to a frequency that can interface effectively
with AI, to take us to the other side of the universe.
This book is a doorway for you, to your true self. That truth,
that mind gold, is in your mind to uncover and realise in terms
of its full potential. This hero’s journey starts with Hamlet. “To
be or not to be, that is the question”. This is your question. It
is your hero’s journey, and your adversary will be you… you
against you. And each step will require you to make a choice, a
choice to give up who you think you are by deconstructing all
that you think you are, and choose who you were destined to
be. Unfortunately, it is by no means easy to keep choosing the
path less trodden, and it will be far easier to stay as you are.
But like all journeys, the choice to stay or go, will be either the
beginnings of truth and revelation beyond your current
awareness as you discover your unknown universe, or you will
simply doubt my words, delay making any choice, become
distracted, and deny that you can ever be more than you are.

Good luck
instructions to navigate this book
Part one is a stage by stage graphic explanation of what limits
the mind and why. Part two is how the limits can be negated
and accelerated thought can be

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Arguably one of the most memorable and powerful first
paragraphs in any book —the opening to Charles Dickens’ A
tale of Two Cities, it reflects upon the world over two hundred
years ago, as much as the world we face today. The next ten
years will reveal a tale of two worlds, the one we all think we
knew, and the new evolving, expansive and never ending one,
we will all have to develop the wit, creativity and agility of mind
to navigate; and perhaps say to ourselves the last lines of
Dickens’ book “it will be a far far better thing that we do now
than we have ever done.”
I first read the novel 45 years ago, and wondered if I would ever
be in such a position as the main protagonist — to make such
a noble self-sacrifice as going to the guillotine, so others may
find the happiness in life that I could not find. In truth, that
sacrifice I did make — not in such a dramatic way, but a long
drawn out choice, as much made for me as by me, to do what I
could while I was here to make a difference to the world we
live. I cannot say that I had a noble intention, I cannot say I
consciously yielded to self-sacrifice, instead I spent my days
for the most part suffering mentally, by trying to balance an
equation, trying to solve the unsolvable; not for a reason that
would ultimately equate to benefitting myself — other than to
do something that might actually matter, beyond just being
here and living the three-score-years and ten that people do,
without much thought beyond their days, their wants and their
desires. Beyond their jobs and beyond who they think they are
as far as position, identity and even love.
It’s a question we all ignore or face — the question of why?
Why to everything?
And what is my answer after searching for all these years? It’s
simply that — the why behind the why behind the why behind
the why, leads inevitably and inexorably into the unfathomable,
with just a little more awareness of how unaware we truly are.
Is the question worth the ask? Worth the trouble? Or should we
merely skate through life without any deeper sense of value or

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exploration, and remain — in a way, happy in our blissful state
of ignorance?
Well that’s a question only you can answer for yourself. But as
a word of advice, the path less trodden is a hard one. It’s less
trodden for that reason. It doesn’t get any easier the further you
go, and — it’s always darkest before the dawn — does tend to
come to mind as a kind of motivational thought from time to
time. But the truth is, if you are going to live, if you are going to
be here, you might as well make it count. For yourself or for
others, I don’t think it really much matters, yet if you can find
peace and fun and a little true meaning in your days, then you
will have achieved as much as any one can say.

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Chapter one

The beginners guide to upgrading a car
It’s an odd start to a book on accelerating the mind, but funnily
enough, there are a-lot of similarities that make learning the
basics a-lot lot simpler. So I’m going to ask you to bear with
me and be patient for a while, as we lay out a few
understandings to upgrading humans, mentally and physically.
Cars come in all shapes and sizes — fast ones, cheap ones,
ugly ones, and sexy ones, but if you are into upping the spec of
a car, or even rebuilding a damaged or problematic car, then a
high end sports car or luxury brand is going to be a whole lot
more rewarding as a project, and its going to be a-lot more fun
to rebuild and drive when you are finished. Lots of potential.
This is where what you want to experience, what you want to
drive like, as well as your destination, are all going to be
important, before you invest serious amounts of time and
money into a vehicle, that, to be honest, may be a money pit
with far too many problems to fix.
If I take a bulk standard family car, after 40,000 miles of use, it’s
likely to have a bit of wear and tear, and depending who’s been
driving it, the results of the miles are going to be very different
in terms of damage.
If the engine has had water put in it instead of oil — as one of
my ex-girlfriends filled her’s up with— as she thought the
engine cap was the water filler, you can begin to see how much
“awareness” makes a difference in the results of even the most
basic of decisions; how destructive to the components the
decisions can be in the moment, and in the long-term.
She was an intelligent girl, but knew nothing about the engine;
and in a rush the mind does the habit of closing down so we all
can do very silly things. We all have our blond moments. One
of mine, was mistakenly thinking hair remover was tooth paste,
as my mind was on the night with the girl I was about to stay
over with when she lent me her toothbrush. That small error of
awareness, took the edge off of our passion with non stop
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coughing, as well as my teeth, tongue and gums being covered
with a caustic substance that simply wouldn’t come off,
however much I tried to clean them. Try it, and you will know
what I’m talking about, and your top lip will be as smooth as a
baby’s bottom.
Awareness, represents — focus and attention in the moment —
in these terms, and if you are going to select an old car to
restore, you’d better beware of the history and never trust the
seller. Buyer beware is the legal mantra that makes just a little
bit of sense, in order to stay on the straight and narrow. But the
problem is on one side, people are always glossing over the
bits they don’t want you to see, not just with cars, but also
jobs, relationships etc etc. And on the other, Humans have the
habit of lying to themselves as well as other people; so when
you look at buying a second hand car, you tend to gloss over
the problems because you want it, and the seller is only too
happy that you use your heart rather than your head to make
your decision. Remember, when a person sells you a car, you
are buying someone else’s problems — they no longer want.
They may be sad to see the car go, but they are happy to see
all the problems go with you. It’s the same when you break-up
in a relationship, and you see the new partner with your ex and
know exactly what they have bought into.
The reason I bring these relatively common equations to your
attention, is when you select a person to upgrade mentally
once you’ve been trained in the art of NMA, remember to kick
the tyres, and take it for a test drive. For you’re going to be
investing considerable amounts of time into the person you
have in front of you, and you will hopefully be gaining a great
asset that you will be able to develop a long-term equitable,
profitable and world-changing relationship with; so all to play
for, and some serious decision-making practice to be done.
Humans are like cars, they’ve all had former owners who have
left their mark on the vehicle. They’ve either been cared for, or
had all sorts of fuel stuck into them as well as being exposed
to a host of good and bad experiences that clog up the CPU…
the computer processing unit, the brain. Cars have computers
that run them, and just like your laptop, over time, they pick up
destructive programs running in the background that nobody
knows are there; causing all sorts of strange anomalies that
cause kinks in the behaviour, or even total crashes. It’s just that
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— what was in effect a small processing problem to start with
— once it’s been run a over a few thousand miles, it trend’s to
develop new BIGGER faults that were never there before.
When you buy a car, you get an operating manual for routine
maintenance and management; and a workshop manual if you
are going to seek to understand the complexities in order to fix
or upgrade the program. Most owners never even look at the
owners manual — only when something goes wrong because
they never did before — and end up putting water in the engine
(or hair remover on the teeth).
To know how to care for a car, you don’t have to know how to
strip an engine, but the basics of how an intimal combustion
engine works, will give you the wisdom to know to avoid
catastrophic failure by your own hand. Your computer equally
so. Now think of your own mind.
Have you read the owners manual to your brain or body? Do
you understand why you think the way you do? Why you
believe what you do? Why you react the way you do? And even
why you exist or where you are going? What is your
destination, what is your reason for being?
NMA is YOUR manual for YOU, so you can get the best out of
YOUR BRAIN & YOUR BODY, so you have an experience and a
journey within your life, that is the best possible experience
available. In fact, beyond your current comprehension. You
were born, regardless of what you may think about yourself,
with the most powerful CPU in the universe between your ears
— one that can literally create your reality to the script of your
intention. An interface within this reality that can manifest the
reality you experience. And a body as a vehicle that has been
optimised over thousands of years to function in a multitude of
environments and survive, because the CPU is also the
ultimate survival mechanism, designed to protect the driver —
you, even as an autopilot while the driver (you) is asleep behind
the wheel; even if the driver is yet to wake up and realise they
are a driver — of the most perfect organism, designed to give
you the experience of a lifetime.
The question is, what have you done to keep your vehicle in
the state it was given to you, and what fuel have you put in in
terms of food and the food of thought?

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How many unconscious programs are you running, and what
level of your potential are you running at?
If you have been to school for 10-15 years, unfortunately that
CPU of yours has had som pretty big mind numbing limiters
put on it, and unfortunately your cognitive performance is at
about 5% of the available capacity. And just like if you drive a
Ferrari at 20 mph everywhere you go, when it was designed to
high rev and reach 200mph plus, the engine ends up being
pretty well messed up, and needs a complete overhaul. A strip
down to the chassis, and a rebuild from the ground up.
This is NMA — a rebuild of you by a strip back your you basics,
and if you read on further, then you will realise it’s time for you
to create the world you want to live in and have the life you
want, from beginning at the drawing board, from scratch — not
respraying a rusty car as most personal development programs
try. No go faster stripes and an air freshener as a make do
here, instead I’m talking about investing in some serious
professional rebuild work, on what — so far, you probably
haven’t put a-lot of attention into; in fact, you have probably
spent infinitely more on maintaining your depreciating car, than
your ever have on your mind or your body.
In terms of taking a high performance car, that’s been written
off, and then bringing it back to its former glory, there are
different levels of damage specification to consider:
A is for a car that can never be let back on the road and is only
good for spare parts.
B is for one that has major structural damage, but still
C is for one that requires mainly body work, mechanics and
tuning to get it back to performing as it should.
I’m afraid with the future we face as a race, you are going to be
determined in a similar way:
A. You systems are so set in their ways, that they are self
-defeating and won’t ever change.
B. There is a-lot of resistance to change and scepticism, but
there is always hope.
C. There is the desire to be all that you can be and more.
In NMA, you can pick the one that you would like to work with,
tune up and send roaring round the track, always knowing that
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every circuit completed — means you bring back more and
more data, to enhance your experience and performance
without end.
Your choice has already been made, now it just left for you to
work out why you made the choice you did, or simply go back
to sleep behind the wheel and let the autopilot do all the work,
until you finally run off the road, never knowing where you
came from, where you were going, of what was the point of it
all in the first place.

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Chapter two
Lets get into the workshop manual to find how we work
Within this graphic you will see a selection of over 100
schematics which represent some of the keys to NMA.
The graphics simplify often complex aspects of psychology
and consciousness into digital representations that are NFT’s in
their own right. They are used within the consciousness
university for explanation and quick reference guides to the
subject of NMA, so trainers follow an archetypal path to
helping others achieve greater levels of mental agility.
The process of human alchemy, the transmutation of an
unconsciously ascendant mind in the mindset, to the
consciously ascendant mindspace — leveraging the
unconscious wisdom of the experiential learning bank and
down-loading from the universal mind, has been searched for
by many of the world’s greatest minds. And the concept of a
universal roll-out situation, in terms of upgrading all of
humanity to higher levels of frequency and bandwidths of
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thought en mass, has also tantalised the minds of gurus and
prophets stretching back through Nichiren the Buddhist monk
of the 14th century, to Mohammed of the 6th century, to Jesus,
and back into time — many thousands of years before. Yet the
pieces of the puzzle where never completely known, until now
that is!
NMA is the amalgamation of many schools of thought, from the
psychological, the theological, the philosophical, the
physiological, the metaphysical, the quantum physical and the
the spiritual. It is the holistic study of many sciences including
social science, behavioural science, anthropological science
and neuroscience. As a science in its own right, the study of
consciousness requires extremely broad thinking; it requires
the brain of the explorer to be challenged in its sense of self-
identification and bandwidth, to facilitate looking through
lenses such as the gnostics and existentialism, out far beyond
the everday, or the social narrative of convention. It takes
bending and even breaking what one deems to be certain, to
be real, in order to unpack the world beyond our event horizon
—the edge of our life experience thus far.
If you are reading this, then you have been to school, otherwise
you wouldn’t be able to read. If this is the case, you have been
educated well, but also you have been exposed to mind
suppression from the age of five through 12 to 20 years or
more; a period of mental conditioning that has left you with a
fraction of your cognitive potential and virtually no creativity,
problem solving or fluid intelligence. Your brain as you will see,
has been slowly conditioned into convergent thinking bias,
which makes you the ideal worker in process subservient
thought, in order to perform useful (mostly repetitive) tasks
within the pyramidal social structure.
If your are a literary agent or publisher for example, you will be
engaged in the search for information or stories that appeal to
you, that you think you like, and that you think other people will
choose to like. But your view will not be your own, it will be an
adopted thought program that restricts your view and your
beliefs to a very narrow bandwidth of awareness and
understanding. Otherwise you’d simply have a greater breadth
of interest (unlimited), a broader understanding — rather than a
niche that serves your established sense of self that gives you
a sense of purpose within a personally projected perspective
reality (PPPR). Simply the fact that you were educated and you
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have a job, means you have been exposed to mind reduction
process so you can live within a jail of the mind, living by self
imposed limitation… identifying through limitation.
At first, it will be hard to see this, as your unconsciously
adopted and protective shell identity avatar resists any
challenge to its ascendant position, and as you have never
known thought outside your mind jail, you will have no
comprehension of self beyond what is called the social
construct. You will thus defend what you think as free will &
free choice, but these are things you have never experienced in
their true form. The truth is, you were born into a jail of the
mind, body and soul, so you have no concept of what freedom
When for example, was the last time you got out of bed with
your whole life in front of you as an empty canvass with you as
the architect of every moment to come? When was that an
every day reality, without obligation or agenda? Without the
need to validate yourself with others, or prove to yourself your
own worth; and instead with clarity of purpose following a
destiny path you were born to experience. I’m not referring to
a holiday experience, because you return to your working life
from a holiday and your inauthentic social identity remains in
the ascendency. I mean really free.
To accept you are in a jail both on the inside and on the
outside, is one of the most important aspects of NMA, for
without that realisation, you will stay where you are mentally,
within your own unconsciously adopted personal perspective
reality, and argue consistently within an identity avatar that
wants to hold you locked down within its sense of reality, so it
can survive. In other words, you have an autopilot that
convinces you to remain asleep within the jail of the mind, so it
can exist. If you wake up, it will lose its power, as you will begin
to ask the questions that you have never asked before, or only
played with, questions that will unlock doors in your mind that
are the keys to what is called — your unknown universe, the
world beyond your event horizon, the essential place beyond
your current awareness for you to go so you can regain the
genius levels of innovative and creative capacity you had when
you were five; with all your adult wisdom at your disposal,
thinking way beyond your current bandwidth and frequency of

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NMA as a methodology, uses a complex system of
physiological awakening techniques, including through thought
editing, linguistic mastery, moral challenges, introspection,
guidance, community and digital exercises to develop the
neuroplasticity of your brain, as the brain can form and reform
as the ultimate survival organ, adapting to new experiences
and overcoming difficulties that are as yet beyond our
individual awareness. Consequently, our goal here together, is
to develop your brain so you have the agility of mimd to survive
a complex future where change will replace certainty in every
day of your life. This will be an extreme level of change, and if
your thought is always based around creating certainty — as
it’s been conditioned throughout your life to do, you will find
yourself suffering within a mindset, that simply won’t have the
agility of thought for you to survive.
For example. If I take away everything you identify yourself
through — your job, your career, your industry, your family, your
friends, your income, everything you base your sense of
identity on, without these, who exactly are you? What is left?
What is your destination? What is your purpose? These
questions are THE questions you will need to reconcile to
escape your mental jail. And this is what NMA is designed to
Everything in the universe is transient, yet within the social
construct, we try to form permanence from the transient nature
of being; so we have some sense of certainty within an
experience that we only have access to 0.0035% of what is —
in electromagnetic terms, which is the structure of this
We get absorbed by the 1001 problems of the day, rather than
ever ask the most important question … why am I here? Better
to never ask that question or go looking for the source of
existence, and instead create illusory worlds without any real
depth of thought or understanding within a pyramidal
commercial structure of inauthenticity and power. In effect, to
psychologically survive a high state of ignorance, your mind
needs draw together a cobbled together array of beliefs, values
and understandings — mostly founded on ignorance, repetition
& doctrine — within an egoistic identity that has to delete and
distort reality to maintain its sense of worth and being, within a
reality that is a fraction of what is.

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This is why we easily succumb to belief systems that all have
one basic problem — humans were involved in them. The
human mind can twist information to suit an unconsciously
adopted personally projected perspective realty to the extreme.
This means monarchs, politicians, leaders, scientists, clerics —
everyone. So in the end, who exactly is it that we trust? And in
that end, most people will look to God or rather a perception of
what God is within the bandwidth & frequency of their thinking
they have, and align with any one of the 10,000 religions man
has managed to conjure up.
Some tell a story of a man who died for our sins — yet here I’m
not necessarily talking about Jesus, as it’s a global theological
tale about a person that was said to be the son of god in
different cultures at different times. The New Testament is by
no means the only doctrine that speaks of such a being, yet if
you are Christian, as over 2 billion people are, you will want to
believe in your story and delete any information to challenge
that story, even though no evidence exists to support that a
man called Jesus did exist, until of course the books were
written 90 years after Jesus’s death. And then, in 320 AD the
pagan and Christian religions were fused together by
Constantine … hence why Christian religious festivals fall on
winter and spring solstices, even though Christ’s birthday was
meant to be in October.
The bible is often seen as sacrosanct, holy scripture, yet it was
written on parchment originally in Hebrew, and then into Latin,
and then into the language you speak, with over 3000 edits in
the King James Bible amongst many versions and books not
included as they weren’t seen as scripture and non canonical
or non-inspired. There are 66 ancient books in the King James
bible, yet in the oldest and most complete bible on earth — the
Ethiopian bible, written 800 years before, has 81 – 88 books,
including the book of Enoch — Enoch being the great
grandfather to Noah, that is referenced in the Dead Sea scrolls
and Genesis 6, yet was mostly excluded by the 4th century.
One aspect that is overlooked by many who follow Christian
religion, is in genius 6 …
The Nephilim were on the earth in those days — and also
afterward — when the sons of God went to the daughters of
humans and had children by them. They were the heroes of old,
men of renown.
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Enoch chapter 6
And it came to pass when the children of men had multiplied
that in those days were born unto 2 them beautiful and comely
daughters. And the angels, the children of the heaven, saw and
lusted after them, and said to one another: ‘Come, let us
choose us wives from among the children of men 3 and beget
us children.’
To quote the bible and understand it in its current form, would
be to believe that man, the most psychotic, manipulative,
power hungry, self-serving, unconscious being, to potentially
have ever walked this planet, somehow managed over more
than two thousand years not to put his sticky fingers into the
religious pie … and keep its message pure.
It’s this that you have to reconcile, especially if you are part of a
religion. Do you believe the doctrine or think for yourself? This
is psychological hard-ball, and every fibre of your being will
want to deny to you the truth, and stop you asking questions of
your reality — regardless of the evidence you are confronted
with. Your belief will be so strong, that you will not be able to
break free, yet you may kid yourself you can, and you will
distort and delete reality to ensure the inauthentic identity
within you — that self-serves to live and exist, maintains its
Challenging your personally projected perspective reality — is
one of the basic tenants of NMA, for it is a methodology that
puts to the test you — every aspect of you, and there is no
hiding here. Within this book, we will look at the surface
structure to give you the foundation of how to break-out of the
jail of the mind. We will not pursue any doctrine, other than
mental freedom as our goal. Nothing more.
This is where we begin NMA, by going back to basics, clearing
the mind of the backstory, the conditioning, the narrative, the
unconsciously adopted beliefs, the cultural, the nationalistic
and religious biases, everything. We start again and begin the
search for truth. But to do this, we have to reinstate the brain’s
full capacity to grow structurally, not work with a brain that’s
functioning as we will see, at a fraction of its capacity.
When we look into the world of metaphysics, esoteric
knowledge for example, like numerology, Gematria, or
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astrology, we must first ask ourselves what bandwidth and
frequency our brain is working within, for frequency will only
reveal what the brain is capable of decoding, and thus we
interpret information through a lens-filter created by the
synapse and neuron’s of the brain.
To understand more of the universe, we must be able to see
more, otherwise our only option is to use our sixth sense, the
sense made of nonsense to fill in the void of the unknown and
not go looking beyond our comfort zone, our event horizon,
which requires a non-thinking, non-seeing, non-hearing state to
exist within the overwhelming amount of information we are
exposed to on a minute by minute basis we cannot rationalise.
The brain has been conditioned to only see what it has been
told is important… putting things in their place, following
processes, not getting things wrong, fitting in, not looking
stupid, being a valuable member of society. All good things to
a point, but when the point of focus becomes the only point of
awareness, to the exclusion and denial of all others, then we
live without truth, just conformity and repetition.
We channel information that creates the reality we are aware of,
but is this the only reality? Is it really all that there is? Especially
if we know we only have access to the 0.0035% of the electro
magnetic field, one of the four forces of classical physics that
holds our world together, the other three being weak nuclear,
strong nuclear, and gravity. But are these the only ones? Not
according to Plank and Einstein in the quantum field, where
particle entailment means particles can be connected on
opposite sides of the universe, without any known force;
particles are in superposition of being a particle or a wave, and
the act of measuring by the observer creates a reaction to be
either. What this means, is the universe we see manifests
through our consciousness, and the particles are part of the
universal consciousness. Just like within a computer game,
where you look the program creates the reality you experience.
But let’s put aside the theological and the metaphysical, the
philosophical and the quantum physical, as well as the spiritual
for a second, and just look through the lens of human science.
— psychological, behavioural, and social, and see what we find
when it comes to understanding the foundations of NMA. But
before we do that, here is a game to play. It’s called looking for

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As you will know, 666 is well known for being associated with
the beast of revelation in chapter 13 verse 18 of the book of
revelation. The antichrist. However, in a spiritual context, 666 is
an angel number, and it’s appearance in our path reminds us —
in the form of a Devine nudge that we may be too wrapped up
in our problems and lose sight of what’s really important to us.
However, in this game we look for what’s hidden in plain sight,
and how much we don’t see because we simply don’t look
beyond what we think we know, which has to be thought of as
all, so the inauthentic egoistic identity can survive within
overwhelming limitation, without the need to know more; it’s
called ignorance is bliss. So can you add to this list of where
the numerical value of 666 comes up all around you…

• 666 is sum of the first 36 natural numbers
• 666 is the speed of sound in knots
• 670 616 629 is the speed of light
• 66,616 mph is earths orbital speed around sun
• 66.6 degrees after you take the earth axis tilt of 23.4 from 90
• Earths Revolution — spins at 29.8 km per second (666 mph)
• Hitler 666 – in gematra — ordinal 72 (sum 9 inverted)
reduction 36 ( sum 9 inverted) reverse 90 ( 9 inverted).
• Tropic of Capricorn 23.4 degrees latitude leaving 66.6
• Tropic of Cancer 23.4 degrees latitude leaving 66.6
• Radius of the sun 696,000 km (9 inverted)

Perhaps you can find more 666 hidden in your world, it’s just
knowing how to see beyond your personal perspective reality,
and seeing from multiple perspectives at the same time. But
remember, as with all information, don’t take what’s said at
face value, or the integrity of the author for that matter; do your
own research and check the validity of the statements made,
just like when you buy a car — don’t trust the seller, whoever
they may be, because they want you to buy their car, their
issues, their problems, their perspective, their sense of reality,
to make it real.
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Chapter three
Rolling up your sleeves
So now we’ve attempted to start to put aside what we think we
know and what we think is, it’s time to look into the basics of
our psychological development.
Why I say basics, is because this is by no means a simple
subject, and many of the world’s greatest minds have
contemplated the very subject you are about to explore from
many different perspectives. But fortunately, we don’t need to
be a leading expert in physics to walk done the road and
appreciate the view, instead of always looking at the pavement,
and never seeing the world beyond what we’ve unconsciously
decided it is.
With this in mind, or out of mind, the next step in NMA is to
look at what we are wishing to accomplish. What exactly is the
first position we are looking to achieve with our brains? We
need to go well, beyond restrictions of all types in the mindset,
such as seven of the primary limitations that are not healthy for
us in the long-term …
• Back story focus
• Mind static
• Fear based thinking
• Egoistic ascendency
• Negative polarity
• Unconscious ascendency
• Self identification through limitation
NMA — the ability to accelerate the mind, means moving into
super states of creativity that exist within hemispheric
synchronisation, otherwise known as flow state, where we are
primarily using theta and gamma brain-waves, leveraging the
unconscious mind to manifest the conscious minds design. It’s
an optimised brain function, a natural one, and not the

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unnatural state of limited awareness we end up in as adults,
due to a myriad of suppressive systems we will explore.
Learning NMA will be the biggest and most valuable step of
your career or business, and your life; certainly, in the context
of the fourth industrial revolution — it’s the most essential,
revolutionary and exciting training you will ever undergo. IT
The prospect of increasing your brain’s capacity to think
quicker, thought to verbalise quicker, creatively problem-solve
effectively, critically think, empathetically understand and
powerfully co-create, is just the beginning of this journey of self
exploration, that takes you out of who you are right now, into a
completely new way of living and loving — every minute.
Unfortunately, NMA will not suit everyone, it’s addressed to
those who have high PQ – POTENTIAL QUOTA, and have the
willingness to objectively develop their super-creative potential
endlessly. Your PQ will reduce based around your resistance to
growth, so constantly opening the mind to possibilities, is the
initial key kill to master in order to keep developing.
To do this, we must first understand the how, the what and the
why, our brain’s capacity to think is suppressed, and this
comes from asking ourselves two very important initial
• Do you think you can be more than you are?
• What do you think that might mean?
These two questions are fundamental to anyone looking to
study NMA or benefit from its application. Just the
contemplation of the concept of recognising we can be more
than we are, releases PQ potential quota, then it’s just a
question of how far that notion becomes a belief and then an
action, and then a commitment to one’s self development.

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A lot of people say they feel they have more to give, but it is
what is called the consequential action that matters. If you
know that developing your brain’s neuroplasticity increases
your life experience dramatically, through expanding the
bandwidth of your thinking into greater states of awareness,
the BIG question then is… why wouldn’t you do that? And why
wouldn’t you immediately take action to accomplish this? —
for every day of your life is a day you cannot get back, in time,
quality or achievement.
Why live with a 5% experience when you could have 100%?
And then expand out to 3000% and then expand out again and
again? It’s a fundamental question that we ask an applicant to
the Consciousness University, and it’s one that we look to see
that the answers come immediately and intuitively — as
actions speak louder than words.
If you are going to put your current identity and perception in
the ascendency, with a number of personal, time of financial
excuses for why you should stay within your limited mindset,
then it’s simply not your time to evolve in consciousness terms.
You have to want it more than anything.
When it comes to what you think that might mean, well this is
where we have a problem. Your thinking can only operate
within the bandwidth you brain currently operates. Thus,
imagineering the future is an essential skill you will be required
to develop if you study NMA; for you will become the creative
architect of your days from scratch, your future, your life. No
boss, no validation systems, no need to be liked, no need for
social success within what we call the construct, only freedom
of mind within the mind-space in a state of super creativity and
flow, and ascension. Living your destiny path.
Right now, these will likely just be words to you, abstract
concepts that you will have no true awareness of, as your
awareness currently does not extend to including this level of
experience. But if you follow the path, stay the course, and
stand the test, then you will reveal who you were always meant
to be.
Here are some basic factors you will need to consider as we
travel this path together:

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The path is — as we’ve discussed, a process to increase
bandwidth and explore the corresponding facilities of a mind
that is in the mind-space. There is no faking increased
bandwidth, there is no way the egoistic identity can pretend to
be further down the road than it is and convince a person who
is, for one aspect that is always part of ascension is humility —
the ability to recognise one is virtually 100% ignorant —
however far one has come. For if you do this, your brains
structure will be served with the intention that it can be
expanded 100% more. This is why “acceptance” that you can
be more is essential to NMA, as is the “awareness” that the
more you accepts your ignorance, the more capacity you have
to grow. Without this, you will be unconsciously placing
limitation on your mind; consequently growth will stop and the
island of egoistic certainty will develop.

  1. You were a genius in terms of innovation and creativity at
    the age of five — NASA study 1995 (98% of children were).
  2. Education, work and society suppresses thought into left-
    brain convergent thinking.
  3. The result, is virtually a total fluid intelligence loss by the
    age of 25.
  4. Only 2% retain their genius levels by the age of 31 years —
    in flow state and hemispheric synchronisation.
  5. Leading to a considerable reduction in creative problem-
    solving, critical thought, empathetic understanding and co-
    creation; with very low agility within a negatively polarised
  6. Managing, training and coaching a person after the age of
    25 years, has very limited results as the mind is at capacity,
    and likely experiencing toxic stress that causes brain
  7. Symptoms, are low attention span, low information
    retention, low confidence, communication and creativity,
    low decision-making capability, brain-fog, lack of energy

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and purposeful direction, poor immune system, poor
emotional management.


  1. Neuroplasticity, means the brain’s structure can change,
    and regain fluid intelligence if you work it out effectively.
  2. The key to reneging — is changing function, intention and
    environment, through a precise process of overwhelm,
    followed by-introspection, guidance and community.
  3. The results are a return to flow state and hemispheric
    synchronisation to a genius level.
  4. The egoistic identity protects itself by creating a reality/
    belief system based on limitation.
  5. The individual cannot self calibrate how low their brain
    function is as it challenges identity.
  6. The results are non-action, repeating unconscious
    programs, rejection of growth.
    When it comes to managing, training, coaching, consulting,
    starting a business, or any professional or social activity, it’s
    common-sense to address the platform of the mind first, the
    brain that is overloaded; especially as science tells us our
    thinking is suppressed massively by the environment we are
    exposed to. It’s simply a question of — do you ask an already
    overwhelmed 16 bit computer (brain) to run a new 64 bit
    program (new skills and information), or do you up-grade the
    hardware first, before you implement new software? It’s a
    simple answer in computer science, just as it is in
    neuroscience, but does it make sense to you and what you are
    doing about it?
    Exposure to fear — moves thinking out of the neocortex and
    into the brain stem — the oldest part of the brain, resulting in
    brain fog and low decision-making ability. Sustained fear, ie.
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the covid threat, climate change, terrorism, war etc, and
stressful social issues, erodes the synapses of the brain
causing toxic stress that results in brain damage.
At this point, it would be wise for you to open a blog, and chart
your progress as we progress, reflecting on your reactions to
the information you are being presented with. This means
sensing any form of resistance, negativity, distraction, lack of
energy, lack of focus, lack of progression within yourself. These
are all symptoms of the egoistic inauthentic identity avatar,
looking to defend its ascendency. Noticing them, registering
them, becoming aware of them, and your reactions to them, all
leads to greater levels of consciousness/awareness, but here,
focus and dedication are the key, as your mind will be
historically used to serving itself, and not your higher self — the
core identity that we are looking to release. (Your blog will also
give you a priceless resource for the future.
So with this as a foundation, we start with the problem that
started our brain’s suppression in the first place, and break it
down into it’s constituent parts.
This process you will find in a half-hour presentation on the link
below, however this step by step book will both provide a
useful future reference for you, as well as an opportunity for me
to discuss concepts beyond the limits of the videos time
To start NMA, we start with where your brain has been
functioning for the majority of your life, and that is in
informational reception, not super-creation. In a state of limiting
self-identification, not limitless expansion.
We have one door presented to us, and that is the door we
have to go through to enter and develop your brain — your
perceptive reality, however, as the neuroplasticity of your brain
can both expand and contract, the process of NMA is an
ongoing one, and one you have to engage with in the same
fashion as you would build a muscle in the gym. You need to
work it out, or it will simply return to a place where it is in the
unconscious ascendency, sorting your life out to unconscious
patterns, while you think your are conscious, and then perhaps
stop developing altogether.

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I’m sorry, but if you were looking for a one pill and it’s done
solution, then I’m afraid your are going to be disappointed. This
is life, this is perception, and this is working to take charge of
the most powerful computer in the universe that rests between
your ears, or it will simply run on autopilot whilst life passes
you by, in one form or the other. Remember — you do not
know what you do not know — until that is, you step beyond
what we call your event horizon (what you have experienced
thus far in your life) and look beyond your internal mind map of
what you think is, into the unknown, and start to play with the
creative forces at your disposal. If you don’t want them — more
than anything, you will look outside of yourself for others to
give you the solutions, and by doing so, become yet again
subservient in the creation process. A follower — not a leader.
It’s your choice & only your choice.
Here together, we are up against an unnatural resistance that
sits within you. It’s your “on steroids” protective ego, that says
a lot, thinks a lot, but doesn’t actually do a lot, and this means
action to the level and capacity that your brain is capable of.
This means social actualisation, after self-actualisation, which
follows the needs based thinking of Abraham Maslow’s ladder
of needs.
If you have been born into this world, and educated in this
world, and operated within this society, then I’m afraid your
brain is not your own, it’s just a mechanism that is conditioned
to survive within the constraints of a negatively polarised
society, that is an illusion, and actively works to your detriment.
Just like a computer game, the more you play it, the more your
brain optimises for that reality at the expense of expansion.
I cannot understate the complexity of the construct your mind
is part of, and how it has many mechanisms to maintain your
subservience. This is not science fiction, it’s psychological,
theological, philosophical, physiological, metaphysical,
quantum physical and spiritual analysis, and are the seven
subjects that interlace to create the internal map of reality you
experience within the construct.
That you may have potentially little or no awareness of these
subjects and possibly no interest in them, is part of the mind
suppression process. To open the mind, you have to use each
of the seven to unlock your neuroplasticity, which means more
synapses and neurones forming in the brain to give you more
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breadth and depth of thought and ever greater levels of
awareness. You now know the names of the seven keys, and
the subjects they represent, so the onus, the responsibility, is
on you to keep taking the steps necessary to deconstruct your
internal map — of what you think reality is, and thus stop
yourself from unconsciously continually forming your own jail of
the mind.

In NMA we are focusing on developing neuroplasticity, the
brain’s structure, but to begin with, we have to look at what we
are up against, and what caused it’s suppression. And this is
information, that you have to not only experience, but also
learn to apply, recite, review, and repeat — to master the ability
to practice NMA.
If you do not know the technical aspects behind this subject,
your thinking will be full of holes, as will your explanations and
you ability to execute the techniques in an effective way. These
holes will surface again and again impeding your progress, and
taking you off on knowledge based searches that just establish
a more advanced inauthentic social identity, rather than
opening the mind ever further.
The moment you think you know, that’s the moment you trip up
over your own ego, and start pontificating rather than actively
doing. And this is almost always a completely self-serving
move, that leads you down the egoistic rabbit hole, as you tell
yourself you are going up, when you are really going down.
Consciousness in NMA, is all about expanding awareness, but
the mind does like to put its feet on firm ground in the left brain
as much as possible (even though we are photons of light
standing on empty atoms that form a rock in empty space).
And it does it, from an unconscious position that is quite
As a consequence you have to be not just ready to act, but
actively shaking your mental tree at all times, to make sure you
don’t find yourself settling. Remember, you only have access to
0.0035% of what is — so to remind you again, humility needs
to step in, in terms of your relationship with the universe, as it
is the most important relationship you will ever have, as it’s the
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only one that is permanent. You get out — what you put in in
universal terms, and you also have to give… and this means
giving up your A identity (your identity avatar) that constantly
wants to set like concrete in the mindset, rather than work itself
out, to clear, develop & maintain the mind-space, where the
true magic of life and existence happens.
You can of course focus on being a scientist and follow the
science, but this will mean you simply follow ignorance, telling
yourself, and possibly others, you have a handle on everything,
but not exactly knowing what everything is at the same time.
This is often a problem with our current thought leaders, as
their protective egos are very much in the ascendency; put in
leadership positions by devoted followers looking for certainty
in the worlds of those they look up to, but don’t aspire to be,
nor supersede in their bandwidth of thinking. Consequently,
you get gurus with a mixture of imposter syndrome (the feeling
you are a fake), and illusory superiority (the illusion you are
more than you are), having to fulfil an — all answers wisdom
role — from a point of a little less ignorance than the populous;
who are generally very ignorant to everything and just want to
feel better, rather than know truth.
Truth is not a subject we as human like all that much, as it
tends to have responsibility and blame assigned to it very
rapidly, after a truth has been stated and seen wanting. But as
with all truths, they tend to be subjective, and morally enforced,
within a corrupt world of ill formed consciousness. This is what
we are about to look at resolving, by looking at some proposed
truths, based on the behavioural outcomes we can assess and
calibrate. In other words — empirically test. The inevitable truth
of causality, of outcome, is, if I hit you in the face, you have the
probability of hitting me back, but I will only know the
realisation of the probability — where the rubber meets the
road so to speak, or the feeling of impact your fist has on my
nose. Then there is no denying cause and effect in the real
world, as there’s blood on the floor, not just what you think, or
you should like to think you think, because it serves you.

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Chapter four
Step by step… to Stripping down your CPU function

In the first schematic, you have a depiction of the brain from
above. There are two separate hemispheres, joined by the
corpus colosseum. There is a myth that perpetuates relating to
the concept of right or left brain thinking, for the reality is that
modern neuroscience has determined that both sides work in
“It’s absolutely true that some brain functions occur in one or
the other side of the brain. Language tends to be on the left,
attention more on the right. But people don’t tend to have a
stronger left or right-sided brain network. It seems to be
determined more connection by connection,” Dr. Jeff
However, that said, in NMA we need to start with some basics
of psychological/cognitive bias, determined by the function,
intention and environment our brains have been exposed to.
Thus, whilst left or right are not correct in neuroscience for
labelling where a person’s thought resides, it’s adequate as a
popular way of labelling thought bias — but more
appropriately, in terms of convergent or divergent thinking.

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For the purpose of this explanation, we will look at the popular
way of looking at thinking as a starting point and then gravitate
to deep understandings; remember, we are interested not so
much in information for its own sake, but getting a neuroplastic
result — greater bandwidth. What you do with your brain after
this upgrade, well that is up to you. But we have to get there
Each schematic gives you a pictorial representation for you to
consider, it is not there as a definitive, for you to argue from
your perspective, it’s just like a treasure map, it has key parts
for you to understand and evaluate a complex journey, but it is
not the treasure itself.
On the left side, you will note that convergent thinking is
represented by two convergent lines. Basically, this means that
we seek solutions within the available logic/information we
have at our disposal at any one time. Outside of this
awareness, we seek others that may know the solution to our
problem; we don’t necessarily develop the thinking that will
solve problems in the future or master the processes that can
achieve this goal.
We are consequently always looking for a tap to solve our
water problem — not learning how the tap works. In a
knowledge based society, rather than a creative one, we have a
fractionalised system where each person develops a specialist
skill or profession, and outside of this they have to find another
person with the expertise beyond their own to fix the next
problem. For an everyday basic example — a Plumber… we
don’t want to learn to plum, we just want a leaky tap fixed.
Consequently, we operate within a limited sphere of self-
identification within problem (ours) and solution (someone
else’s); not the critical process of understanding problems and
using deductive or reductive reasoning to solve the said
problem, ergo Sherlock Holmes character, who was deductive,
reductive, intuitive, insightful and super creative — yet we only
remember deductive reasoning assigned to this character.
Crystal intelligence, is knowledge based, it’s a libruary of
objective and subjective facts that give us our experiential
wisdom bank; most of this Libruary is unconsciously recorded,
within a most used and needed bias of information; a libruary
that is in the background with the lights off, that can be
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accessed through hypnosis, but often not your conscious
waking state. Otherwise you would have every moment of your
life and the knowledge you were exposed to at your very
thought tips. Instead, you brain is optimised to work with
information that is required for your immediate life, to survive.
Yet a Libruary of information is not in itself application. In other
words, information is not wisdom, it is the application of
wisdom that is important, and this is where fluid intelligence
comes in — the ability to learn new skills and apply them as we
go. The effective application of knowledge that yields
demonstrable results.
So here within the schematic, we have the differences of
logical convergent thought, and the innovation that is born of
divergent thought; both neither better nor worse than each-
other, yet designed to work together to gain the best applied
Remember, the brain is the ultimate survival mechanism,
developed over millions of years to be a highly sophisticated
mechanism that adapts to survive within a changing and
challenging environment. Memory is based around what
information is relevant to survival, hence whilst we might like to
have a memory that recalls everything — in survival terms, it’s
just not effective use of brain power, as keeping information
that is not relevant to active survival, is not an optimised
system, as brain processing for agility of mind is far more
beneficial to learn new skills and apply them. Pub quizzes were
never a basis for survival.
Information is sorted by the mind based on usable priority, to
keep you one step ahead of other predators; clogging up the
works with information overload to just repeat, is as we will see
detrimental to the brain function, unless we begin to
What we have within this schematic, is the balanced brain
function, a mixture of divergent. Convergent, Cristal for
knowledge and fluid intelligence for new skill mastery, brought
together within hemispheric synchronisation, where the full
power of the mind can be leveraged – even the unconscious if
the individual has moved out of the protective psychological
shell identity into the core, which is a liberation from mindset to
mind space.
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These basics concepts are important for you to master in your
own mind; for understanding the natural development of the
mind in terms of self identification, psychological development,
and structural development are further keys to your journey
into NMA.
In our second schematic, we explore another piece of key
information provided by research carried out by Dr George
Land and Dr Beth Jarman, in a 1995 study conducted for
NASA — to find innovation in people to recruit into the space
programs. The extended study included 1200 children, and
found that at the age of five years old — 98% of the group had
a genius level of innovation and creativity. This declined by the
age of ten to 22%, and then 12% by the age of fifteen, and
subsequently to under 2% by the age of 31 years.
So the first question to you would be — do you think this is a
natural process of decline? And the second question would be
— would you like it to be natural? Are we designed in terms of
evolutionary neuroscience to get dumber as we get older? To
lose our curiosity and our fluid intelligence by such an early
age? Does it make sense from a survival point of view, across
thousands of years of survival based evolution? What do you
Your answer to this question will determine your ability to
expand your mind through NMA.
For, if you self-identify through the perspective — that having a
brain reduced in its capability is a normal part of our survival
evolution — you think it’s a sensible idea to be that way and it’s
ok with you, then my friend, you will be programming the most
powerful computer in the universe — your brain — to create
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that reality… for you, and you alone. But unfortunately you will
also want to bring others — who are easily led and not too
much up to the idea of questioning anything and the concept
of free thought, into that view to confirm it.
You will be making a rule, a certainty, that will be a fundamental
of your personally projected perspective reality of self
identification through limitation. It won’t be mine, it will just be
your world view (and those you get to adopt it with you), and
within what is called the mindset, it will become as hard to alter
as a concrete brain. So much so, that you will want other
people to confirm that world view at all costs — even to their
detriment and yours, and if they don’t, then you will seek to
distance yourself from them and find others who do.
If I ask a child if they would like to upgrade their thinking to a
genius level, it will take them but a moment to answer with a
big resounding YES. But take an adult, an adult like you, and
for the most part there will be reluctance… a state of
resistance, a doubt, a delay, a distraction, a deletion and a
distortion — in fact, everything to anything to do, but take the
action necessary that will increase the quality of your life
experience dramatically — in every way possible: health, sex,
energy, purpose, success, destiny and outcome.
Even the word genius itself, may to some cause negative
feelings of discomfort, with a complete rejection of the idea
that this might just be a useful addition to one’s life experience.
But what is a genius? and how do we determine what one is?
We can only do this by comparison, and context. For a genius
can be anyone whose brain function, problem-solving and
creativity, is far in excess of our own. Why then wouldn’t we
want to be able to have an ever greater freedom of thought,
without limitation of speed or creative ability? Why wouldn’t
you? And if the answer is YES, why wouldn’t you make this the
absolute priority of every waking hour of your existence?
If you lost a leg, and could have that leg replaced, would you
spend your days limping with crutches, or would you go
straight to where the problem could be fixed so you could run,
hop, skip and jump? It’s an obvious question, with a very
different answer for most when it comes to being asked to
have physical or mental upgrades.

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So here we ask the question again, is it natural for the brain to
decrease in its cognitive function by the age of 25 years? And
secondly, do you think your brain needs an upgrade? Or is your
brain and body working at optimum capacity? — which would
mean, you never went to school and received any conditioning
at all. For this is where you make an unconscious rule, a
program, and create a mental map — a mind map of the world,
that rightly or wrongly will determine the level of life experience
you have physically and mentally — including your
relationships and your career and what you can realistically
achieve. Everything begins with your chosen perception within
the bandwidth and frequency of your thinking, that is
conditioned by what we call —the construct— since the day of
your birth.
If you are happy to go along with neuroscience, without looking
at behavioural or social science, you will only lens your
perception through that glass, and thus deny yourself the
opportunity to really suck the real juice out of life. As I said, it’s
your choice, a very personal choice, and one you will make a
thousand times a day in the fractional way you create your
reality through small phrases and linguistic capsules of self
identification, as well as an unconscious world projection that
doesn’t have the depth of questioning and introspection
necessary to ascend.
Do you want the genius back in you or don’t you? It’s the
question of the minute, the hour, the day, the year and the
century; and it’s never been so important to ask yourself and
gain a realistic answer from beyond you shell identity. Not a lip-
service answer, but one from your core. This is where we want
to go, to find out the truth about existence, to know where we
are, and where we need to go. Up until this point, we’ve been
sleep walking, and we need to know what caused that sleep,
so we can build our lives as the architect of our futures on
foundations of as much certainty as we can find within the sea
of eternity, instead of lies that support the illusion. For up until
now, I’m guessing you did not know there was an illusion.
So what is it that suppresses the mind?
Well, in our next schematic we see the drop-off in innovation
and creativity, and it is an exponential downward trend that
sees 98% of genius level children, reach under 2% by thirty
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one. Now here I want to draw you attention to the detail, the
nuance, the power of key points of information that will both
free your mind and the minds of those you talk to about this
subject. If you can nail down the basics, then you have a
chance of ascending step by step. This is not about
assimilating loads of facts and quotes and saying I know that;
it’s not knowing knowledge that makes the difference — that’s
what your schooling did to your brain, it filled it with knowledge
and adducted it to knowledge, not wisdom; so you think by
stuffing more knowledge into your brain you will seem to be
more intelligent with the social construct.

Overloading the brain, simply means you are trying to absorb
more information — but effectively slowing down a computer
with useless data, that doesn’t help anything except your
ability to show other people how much you can remember on
Remembering isn’t wisdom, it’s your working memory pulling
up information that actually has no survival relevance. The
brain is the ultimate survival mechanism that prioritises
information, between let’s say — the hidden libruary of all your
life experience in the background, and the desk top in front of
you. What you need regularly, will be on the desk top in your
mind, the easy reference — like where you keep the tea bags
and coffee. And who won the 1966 World Cup will be in the
libruary, with librarians of the mind that are either on strike,
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asleep, or allowing you greater access sometimes but not
Increasing the Bandwidth of the mind, gives you greater
access to your life experience, not necessarily information for
its own sake; it’s what you are going to do with the information
that matters. In survival terms, it’s the application of knowledge
that is important — and actions do indeed speak louder than
words. All the time, you are programming your mind, and it is
optimising for the intention you are making — that is being
influenced by the environment you are placing your brain
within. Consequently, you brain will be optimised for survival
based around a number of factors, including who you surround
yourself with and what the society you live within, demands of
you to conform to what it needs from you. What a tangled web
the mind is.
At this point — don’t worry that you think you have a bad
memory, or you can’t remember people’s names etc, as we go
this will all be resolved through the NMA processes. But for the
moment — give yourself a break — from being you, and stop
identifying yourself through linguistic and thought limitation, as
it doesn’t help our cause.
That you were once limited in one area of you mental capacity,
doesn’t mean that is going to remain the case, as changing the
neuroplasticity of your brain gives you more bandwidth, so
everything changes. Just like your internet connection gives
you more information and processing speed to draw from,
when you increase the bandwidth — so does your brain. So
just to remind you of a few basics:
• Convergent & divergent thought
• Crystalline and fluid intelligence
• Genius levels of innovation and creativity
• Convergent bias at the expense of fluid intelligence
• Self identification through limitation to egoistically survive
within social limitation

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• The brain is optimised for survival, and reacts to the
construct (the environment)
Here within NMA, we are working on bandwidth — the
platform, the neuroplasticity, to give you more elbow room in
your mind, more horsepower. In fact we are jacking your brain
from the currently available 40 bits of data per second, to 40
million bits of data per second in gamma and theta! As a
consequence, you will begin to leverage the unconscious mind
in line with an optimisation process that is in sync with your
intention; which I assure you will change in its dynamic with
each step you take, and the further down the line you go. If that
is — you let it, you let go, and go with the process and commit
to expansion through exploring the world beyond your event
horizon; delve head long into the Sciences of Your Unknown
Universe. This means, you are learning to let go of the side of
the pool, and swim freely in the deep-end of what
consciousness is, and not what the social construct has
conditioned your to believe is important for you to know and
identify through.
Leveraging the unconscious, means you will be able to access
your experiential wisdom bank, this is the conversion of
knowledge into wisdom for effective action — not recitation for
its own sake. In the western world, all people are conditioned
for a left-brain bias that is process orientated for a work related
role — so you have major limiters on your brain, and
consequently everything you do.
It doesn’t matter how far you are up the professional ladder,
you will always be doing something that requires a heavy bias
in repetition and single skill awareness. Lawyers, doctors,
accountants, business people, bankers, plumbers, drivers, it
doesn’t matter which, you have a professional skill that for the
most part of your day your brain operates within. Outside of
this, you will have basic general knowledge and entertainment
addiction, to pass away your free time to keep you occupied,
as well as a Q-HIT from time to time, as we always get a good
feeling when someone asks us a question — because they
make us feel like we might know something they don’t —
which is power. Or they even make us think of ourselves as
wise, especially if we get the answer to the question right (this
is back to being in the classroom and answering a teachers

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question right); it’s a good feeling when we do, and it’s a bad
feeling when we don’t.
To expand the bandwidth of your brain, you have to ask key
unlocking questions that create new synapses, whilst
accepting your abject ignorance, otherwise you will not be
placing your brain into the creative frequency of problem-
solving and growth; you are not telling your brain there is more
space to grow within — more capacity to use. But be careful,
careful what you think and say in terms of self-identification or
knowledge protection, as well as the way you say the things
you do, as — as you will discover, everything you think and say
is immediately acted upon by your unconscious mind to serve
up your reality experience — the picture you are painting for
yourself to live within.
As we have discussed, education is biased towards convergent
thought as a foundation for a single skill/profession life. Thus
we become useful cogs in the machinery of a society that
doesn’t exactly historically have a lot of career choice, in terms
of industry or function. And whats more debilitating is, we take
this picture as normal, for we are conditioned to want to be a
useful member of society as it is — which is a pyramidal
structure of power, that favours the minority over the majority
for all sorts or reasons, that all lend well to maintaining the
pyramid as it is.

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So educating people to be streamed into an unconscious life-
long role, is what society ultimately wants, as it certainly
doesn’t want you asking inconvenient questions that will dig up
inconvenient truths that are indefensible. Such as — why do
300 people have 99% of the worlds wealth while a billion live
on a dollar a day? Truths are funny old things, they depend on
who is suggesting they are truths, and what for; who gains and
why. But the truth we want to start with, is the fact that society
wanted you to be psychologically lobotomised so you could be
that cog in the machine, and even built within you a
mechanism that makes you feel bad if your are not that useful
cog living life knowing your place.
Society even has a release for any pent up “freedom feelings”
you might have, through providing a wonderful entertainment
system of films and programs that give you the opportunity to
identify with characters that rebel against the system and find
freedom, while you never do! It’s a post hypnotic suggestion,
that helps you fulfil your true unconscious nature of the
inauthentic social identity, while you accept the jail of the mind
you’ve been born into.
It’s a subject that is by no means new, for all we have to do is
look back a couple of thousand years, to find Plato talking
about The Allegory Of The Cave… where humanity watches
shadows on a wall in a dark underground cave, thinking the
shadows are real life, and remain happy in their shackles, while
the puppet masters pull the strings in the background. Sound
familiar? It’s an age old tale of human mental suppression, with
the ultimate irony being — that the humans don’t think they are
in a cage. The depths of mental suppression reach right down
into your unconscious — so your mind is not your own and
neither is your life!
Difficult to accept I know, but the clues are all around you, in
you and in your behaviour — it’s been that way for a reason,
and it works very well with you policing your own mind
suppression, whilst thinking all the time you are free. I’d even
take a punt, that the idea of anyone messing with your brain is
actively rejected by you, as you don’t want to lose control, yet
the truth is — you’ve never had control of your own thinking,
you lost control way back — when you walked through the
doors of your school and everyone said you have to be a good
girl or boy, and know your place; don’t speak unless you are
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spoken too, get good grades and you will have a good life as a
valued worker in society.
To do this however, you will have to dull your brains capacity
right down and be happy about it. You will have to follow the D
laws — laws you could ironically say are the dunce laws, for
the school life inversion here was — the one who stepped out
of line was called the dunce, and even at one stage of school
history got a pointy hat with D on it, whilst everyone else
confirmed and accepted the mould. There is nothing wrong
with order, but the question is — what for and for what
To make you compliant, and malleable, certain thought rules
have to be established within your mind to stop your mind
expanding as well as run self-defeating programs from within.
Rules like doubt, delay, denial and distraction — to
unconsciously come forward when your sense of reality is
challenged. Followed by deletion and distortion, to twist reality
to suit the limited bandwidth your brain has to operate within,
without creative problem solving, or a sense of destiny or
purpose, just position and process within a machine that
requires your absolute subservience to it — even to your
mental and physical detriment, and ultimate death!
The ascension path is not an easy one, as you have to crawl
your way out of a dark hole that you font know your in; it’s a bit
like climbing out of a deep water well, with walls made of
biscuits, with a hungry tiger below you, which eats the crumbs
you keep feeding it as you climb, giving it more power to chase
you. It’s a hard climb, where you have to learn to create
yourself more and more energy, rather than needing to draw it
from society and other people. The true power of energy
comes when you are experiencing the world from the core of
your identity, not the shell, you have to be open to be receiving
and you simply cannot do that when you are wearing a suit of
armour with a protective/defensive mindset.
Unfortunately, with low or no creativity, a mind stuck in process
or goal subservience, will implode on itself when it is not
“doing”, as meaning in this mindset, comes from
unconsciously doing, not — being, and channeling creative
thought within the destiny path.

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The mind within the next schematic is “In-formation” and whilst
it remains in this state it is negative in its polarity absorbing
energy and not generating (creating). Consequently, with a
convergent bias, the person is for the most part reactionary to
the world outside, never really instigating action beyond
process or goal subservient thought, and often locked within a
role that they don’t like — but stay within, at the future cost of
any potential that might be left after the fluid intelligence is lost.
Once you are left without creativity, your avenues of success or
expansion are severely limited. Without ideas, you have to rely
on what is on offer — either from conventional careers or the
criminal fraternity if school isn’t easy. Its called adapting for
survival, and the social construct is based around compliance
or punishment.
You become a repeater of processes, that all creates the
mindset — that gets stuck in its ways, and as time goes by,
ends up with an attitude that resists change at all costs. An
inflexible mind, that can only ever be a receiver of information,
and consequently suffers a life that can only lead to decay of
the mind and the body, regardless of what health trips the
person thinks they take — the pills the oils, the workouts —
they are all part of surviving within the jail of the mind and
society, not truly living. But it’s defended as living. But even a
marginally higher level of awareness, that looks at what life is
and what it could be, the realisation comes that there really is
no defence of limitation, without distorting and deleting so
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much information as to leave the individual with a very plastic
sanitised and surface based perceptive reality.
Nothing exists beyond the conventional narrative, for if it did,
the whole sense of identity within limitation would come
tumbling down, it’s a bit like a tiger living its entire life in a cage
— yet having no concept of what a cage is, or what freedom is
or the world beyond the cage maybe. The brain has to develop
mechanisms to make the abnormal normal, so the identity can
survive without ever asking or knowing what’s beyond it’s
As a race we do this on a group and individual level, for at the
outer limits of our awareness, we are standing on a ball of rock
(empty atoms) that flies at 66,600 miles an hour, through a
mostly empty universe, that has no end, within a galaxy that is
beyond our comprehension and understanding. And we
ourselves are mostly empty space on an atomic level — fields
of energy manifesting as electrons appear and disappear within
the observers observation within a very limited frequency of
light. We live in an electromagnetic field, where our brains
decide what we think is reality, through electric inputs (senses)
that are transformed to our internal image of what the world is,
or what we think it is.
Thus we live within a projection that we think is real, and think
that others share; and ours of course must be right, for what
would it be like to find out that you were wrong, wrong about
absolutely everything? And everything is an illusion? How
would our minds cope with such a revelation — that we
ourselves only have access to 0.0035% of what is on an
electromagnetic basis, and thus are 99.9965% ignorant of what
is. It’s a levelling thought isn’t it! To recognise that we have to
live by abject ignorance, yet convince ourselves this is all that
there is, and live within the illusion of that ignorance. But the
question is, what exactly is real? How much of what we think
we know — even at our very limited base of decoding the
vibrations of sound and light is real? What exactly is real? How
much of the narrative — of what we take as certainty & truth, is
true? How much is an illusion? How much can we prove and
how much can we be certain of?
You would perhaps like to say — “most of it”, for if you don’t,
then your perception of reality, your sense of certainty, will fall
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away, which will mean you within it; and perhaps you may face
a psychotic episode. Such is the fragility of your connection to
reality, and such is the nature of your mind, where it has to
protect you from truth, because you and I simply cannot handle
the full truth — yet this is where we must go, if we are to
expand our minds! We must look for the keys hidden within our
thoughts — that will enable us to release ourselves from the
mental jails we didn’t know were there, and cannot see.
Most therapies are trying to fix trauma or old patterns that work
against the individual from deep in the subconscious, yet this is
just the tip of the iceberg, and we need to go well below the
surface of life — into the unknown, behind what we thought
was known. For some this is a scary place, for they don’t want
to know why they think the way they do, why they believe what
they do, and why they behave way they do. It just is and that’s
that! But for the intrepid adventurer into life, the ascender on
the destiny path, this way of living and thinking is simply just
not enough. The mind for the ascender, needs to become
actionary and open, and we need to see behind the veil. Inside
us — in our inner world, and outside of us — in the world that
we think is true, as they reinforce each other, in a global
penitentiary. But what is true? What I think or what you think?
It’s your personal perceptive reality in your mind after all, and
it’s mine in my mind; but there are archetypal truths that we
both work to, truths we take for granted and program our
minds by, but then again, where does truth begin and end?
And how far are you prepared to go, to know? Are you an all in
person or just someone who likes to dabble, and never really
I’m afraid NMA is an all in experience and it’s not for the faint
hearted; as one part of NMA is exploring the very foundations
of what our society is, as there is a direct relationship between
how you feel, your health, your progress, your success and the
world you perceive. This is why NMA goes further than any
other form of personal development or therapy, for it is a
holistic practice, that recognises the relationship between the
intrinsic and the extrinsic worlds, and how they are inexorably
linked into limitation by perception — a jail of the mind that is
imaginary, but we think is real, as it’s all we have ever known.

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We were both born into this projected reality, and it’s been
there for at least 2500 years — as Plato talks of it, and likely it’s
existed in one form or another since the beginning of time. And
within it, it’s a war of polarities — some would call good and
evil, light and dark, unconscious and conscious. You can pick
for yourself, but at the beginning of our journey together, it’s
useful to know that there is a world beyond our current
comprehension — for us to explore, however we must delve
further into the mechanism that shuts down our sight, and
reduces our level of knowing.
And just to remind you … it’s a mechanism that requires your
thought to have doubt, delay, denial and destruction, as well as
deletion and distortion to maintain its ascendency. It requires
your brain to be in alpha and beta brain waves so you comply;
it requires you to do without question; it requires an autopilot of
your mind — never to switch off, so you can’t switch on. It
requires that you don’t think, and you live in a compliant stupa
of process and goal subservience, all the days of your life,
without ever thinking about meaning and purpose. It requires
that you self-identify within limitation, rather than limitless
possibilities, and only believe what you see within the
bandwidth of thought and belief, you have been conditioned to
Just like the tiger in the cage, doesn’t know what is a cage is,
— it’s just what has always been, and thus becomes all that
can be.
To wake up, means changing the structure of your brain by
challenging the world within your mind. Just like when you go
to the gym to work-out a muscle, this is no easy task as you
are destroying the current nature of what has been developed,
in order to develop a new structure, a stronger structure, a
more powerful structure. So you can do more and be more.
You will become tired, just like you do when you exercise a
muscle, but not in a physical sense, more a mental tiredness
that can make you very sleepy, and as you work through NMA
— you may fall asleep. It is the structure of your brain resetting,
as it is being asked to reform on a neuron and a synapses
level, so you can master new thought and creativity, perhaps
even telepathy… and so much more. You have the brain, you
have the potential… the PQ, otherwise you simply wouldn’t be
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here, taking this journey. Yet we have along-way to go, and I
want to remind you that whilst it isn’t easy to expand the mind,
you have to want to, you have to want to know more at all
costs, and you will need to be resolute in your commitment to
growth — your intention to get to your destination that is
beyond your comprehension. The conditioning runs deep, very
deep, it is you against you, and you will find each step we take
a knocking down of old structures that you may be very
sentimentally attached to; as they have always been there,
underpinning the foundations of the jail your mind sits within.
My job is not to sell you a doctrine, but to be your personal
trainer, to get you fitter — mentally, faster — mentally, and
return you to who you were meant to be before potential was
stolen from you. What you do from that point on — is up to
you, but I’m hoping you will realise their is work to be done,
monumental work that will take every ounce of your strength to
accomplish. Work that is far beyond what you currently know
or envision; that is beyond you current event horizon — what
you’ve experienced and what you understand within your
current bandwidth of awareness. There is a price to pay to
become all that you can be, and that is to consciously give up
all that you have been. We are making the unconscious
conscious my friend, and that means winding back all the
years of sleep, all the dreams and the thoughts that keep you
within the construct. Unfortunately, there is no easy way, no pill
to take to change your life and your thinking; it’s a labour of
love by you to yourself, for you have to give yourself you, on a
core level, without condition, no but’s, no excuses.

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To work-out the mind — so the structure changes, we have to
challenge the known, with the unknown. We need to put the
mind back in-formation to realise an outcome, not just seek
information so it stays in the state its become accustomed to
— a state of limbo within the social construct, hanging there,
serving itself — so the identity avatar, the illusion you have of
you, the inauthentic social identity, can survive within its own
As I said, the process of NMA is a holistic process, an osmotic
process, where we work though each thought and belief, until
you have mastery of your symbiotic awareness, you linguistic
awareness and your cognitive awareness, and in so doing you
find mastery of life, to become the architect and the creator of
your world as never before. The mechanisms to do this, will be
to challenge thought itself, it’s origins, it’s connections, it’s
collections, it’s map of what it believes is real, what it places
value on. That value will have been learned from the validation
systems within the construct — so far, but here we need to
recognise our value that is so much more than what we know. I
will use — where we have been, where we are and what the
future may hold to wake you from your slumber.
This is so you can enter the wise-domain, that you may
understand through the word wisdom. It is a place of clarity
and peace, of flow and state, the mind space, where you can
grow spiritually and become ever more aware — a place where
wisdom is the nature of your thought — downloaded from the
quantum grid and uploaded from your experiential wisdom
bank. But here is a good moment to remind you again, that this
state is achieved from working with the brain structurally so
you can step into identifying yourself as actionary and limitless
on a core and behavioural level, as an actualised person, so
you have made the unconscious conscious, and it manifests to
your will; being aware of the world around you and the world
within you, allows you to become agile in your ability to
interface thought in a highly flexible way, so you can actively
learn to accelerate your thought along the destiny path and
become the author of your own life, rather than always
validating yourself with others or dancing to their unconscious
It is in itself, a shift from the negative energetic field where you
cannot cope, run away, distract yourself, operate within
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process based thought, and never really expand, towards the
positive polarity of creative manifestation by directing the
energies of the universe in flow … and here I mean — the level
of flow where you are operating on a spiritual level of Devine
inspiration. Here you will see the signs and are aware of the
direction of truth for you to follow, beyond the egoistic identity.
The further along the line to awareness a person becomes, the
more time they spend in a super creative state, that is in line
with the destiny path. It’s being part of a greater energy and
force that works though you, in terms of your ability to live at
an exalted level. This of course takes many hours of thought
training, until you give in and give up being you, and start to
become your core spiritual identity — rather that the
inauthentic social identity that needs and draws energy from
others, instead of giving freely in a state of abundance.
It is of course, a delicate balancing act of all the seven aspects
of the holistic identity, but once achieved, thought becomes an
unconscious force working to a conscious intention, in-line
with a destiny path. There is no better way of living and being.
It’s the ultimate thing to have, as it’s the purpose of life in the
first place. As it makes life what it should be, not the narrative
you have been conditioned to know and live within, as a reality
that is like concrete around you, that you cannot move freely
within, or expand out of.

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Chapter five
Considering a rebuild?

In our next schematic we have a visual representation of the jail
of the mind and the free state. This gives you a plan to work
from, a target to achieve, a goal to set yourself … to get out of
the jail.
This of course is not the end game, it’s the beginning
challenge, as you are a prisoner in a jail of your unconscious
making, in line with a conditioning that you have been exposed
unconsciously to. It’s your choice to plan your escape or stay
within the confines… but to stay where you are, you will need
to forget all that I have said to you thus far, put the book down
and find unconscious conversation with unconscious people.
Your brain will consequently adapt, it will shrink, it will optimise
for the environment you put it in, and you will forget that you
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have more potential — as you settle back to a state of sleep
without questions (perhaps), other than the desire for
information to feed the ego’s sense of worth through that
information for its own sake. It’s a choice, and many on the
path at some time or another, wish or even choose to go back
to sleep. We cannot blame them, and I cannot blame you — if
that indeed is what you choose to do. Yet there is a price to
pay, that perhaps you are unwilling to recognise. And that price
is those who suffer because you choose to sleep and by doing
so — actively look the other way. To take this unconscious
path, you have to forget what you know, not ask what you
don’t know, and take no action that will make the change
necessary — to make this a better world for all. But here again,
we come to a bit of a pickle… what makes us think we have
the right let alone the whit or the place to be responsible for
any change whatsoever, starting with ourselves? What gives us
the authority and the responsibility to evoke change?
It’s a good question, one that I can only answer through saying:
“If we have the opportunity, the choice, and the whit to make
change…so our race as a whole has a better time of it, is that
not the highest pinnacle of human endeavour … to make a
difference where we can rather than make no difference other
than towards our egos perception of who we are.”
It’s a very personal question, and one with a personal answer
— that adds up to the experience of life we all share. The core
issue is, can we really be happy knowing our fellow man
suffers, and then never asking why there is suffering at all? The
fact is, that we do not need to suffer, and neither does anyone
else, yet we are living at the extreme end of a way of life that
has existed for a very long time, and one that is coming to an
end because of the technology we brought into existence.
There have always been epochs of human evolution, and they
have come and gone, just as the people have come and gone.
But their choices, all their choices had a ripple effect across
time, and the amalgamation of these choices… good and bad,
indifferent or caring, are what we live within now; just as we live
within the amalgamation of all our own individual choices
across a lifetime, that have a causality we can calculate if we
are so disposed to consider, or live with without any
responsibility at all.
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As the epoch of human ignorance and irresponsibility comes to
an end, due to the ever growing predictive nature of technology
— the capability of big data to analyse patterns and outcomes
we could never see before, we are faced with a choice of — as
hamlet put it — “to be or not to be”, to recognise change is
upon us, and do something meaningful from a social
development context, to influence the outcome from a point of
awareness beyond unconscious limitation, or to stay on the left
side of the graphic and live within the mind jail & social
construct, while letting the bigger choices fall to others who are
we think — better placed to make our life and death choices
for us.
Big questions … very big questions that simply won’t go away,
and why NMA is there to help you with your thinking, so you
may be able to navigate change with the agility of mind that
may very well make the difference between not only your
survival, but all our survival. Your thinking is that important to
you and the bigger picture, so don’t under value you, as I
certainly don’t.
The essence of being human is — we do care, and we also in
the same token, have the choice not to. For those of us
travelling this path, we know that we have to care, there is no
longer a choice to stay ignorant, and as we awaken we are
faced with inconvenient truths about what we believe, what we
say, and what we do; to ourselves and to others. It’s not easy
to look in the mirror and say “I was wrong” and mean it without
judgement or agenda, but that is what needs to happen, and
we need to recognise that this will be our liberation, into a new
way of living and relating, a new future that has transparency
and truth at its heart, as this is where we are going — like it or
not as a society and as a race.
So, to breaking out. Each white line in the left represents a bar
to the jail of the mind. There are of course many many kinds of
bars, but here I’ve simplified the world we live in down to
aspects that you can pick up easily and run with, rather than
overcomplicating the issue.

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To start with, you have your inside mental barriers to
development, that will prevent you accessing super-creative
At this point I really don’t want to spend time convincing you
that you might want your birth rite — the expansive mind of
gamma and theta in the mind-space, I’m going to assume
you’ve decided that one for yourself, and you are committed
to the cause, of unlearning all that holds you back and a
acquiring the common sense and wisdom to help humanity.
It’s really big picture exciting stuff that we are engaged in
exploring, but it’s also knowing the detail that matters.
Otherwise our arguments fall down within ourselves and
without with others, and we end up looking stupid. This is why
critical thinking is a specialist skill, and one of the four pillars of
NMA, for without the ability to structure a coherent argument,
that is not subjective and self-serving, we are simply not going
to get very far.
Instead, we will build personally projected perspective realities
through cognitive dissonance, and end up defending the
indefensible. And that is not a place we want to be, as that’s
ultimately on the path to the psychotic bag, and you will be
losing your mind — not growing it’s structure. This is why we
take it step by step here, and whilst you may want to run on
ahead like any growing child does — to find out what’s at the
end of the road, this is a process of creation and development,
and each sentence is a suggestion to your unconscious mind
— another brick in the wall of reason, to build a platform for

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your escape — without tripping like a child eventually does, as
he has forgotten to tie his shoe laces.
We may want to discover beyond the horizon, but if we plant
our faces in the dirt at the first step, we are going to make this
a far longer and more arduous task than we needed to, while
people lose faith in what you think and say — because doesn’t
make sense.
Critical thinking within non-combative argument, is a way of
thinking that comes from Socratic argument as well as the
development of Consciousness Change Therapy, to solve the
mental blocks people often find themselves caught within —
these as you now know, cause negative symptoms of
behaviour within the unconscious, resisting becoming more
aware … doubt, delay, denial, distraction, distortion and
deletion. These are defence mechanisms that allow us to
continue to operate without answers in egocentric ignorance;
sometimes staying in a circle of these reoccurring states for an
entire lifetime. Is it any wonder rebirth as a religious concept
has a valid point, for if the spirit has not become self-aware
and expanded to a point of Nirvarna… peace and balance,
then the consciousness has simply not reached a level of
awareness within this lifetime so that it can ascend.
If we take the time to break down consciousness into its
constituent parts, then we begin to realise that growth and
expansion spiritually go hand-in-hand with psychological
development; and thought — introspection and self-reflection,
combined with social observation — take us up the ladder of
awareness, so that we can see in differing stages of
consciousness within people. Once we notice this, we can
assess where on the enlightenment ladder we are currently
situated. This is where know-ledge, tells us that we are always
taking a position through new information on the climb of the
awareness mountain — a state of knowing from the vantage
point of that ledge. It’s a ledge we come to rest on — knowing
what we know, but hopefully realising there is more to climb,
and always will be — as even after one mountain ascension we
find there are a whole range of mountains disappearing into the
distance still to go. Expansion is eternal and limitless outside of
the construct.

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Remember, the constant trial of our awareness — is the tiger
eating biscuits below us; if we stop climbing it will catch up
and consume who we have become, as the tiger is the ego/
autopilot of the mind, ready to step in and take over thought
when we sit down upon the know-ledge and decide we’ve
come as far as we would like to go for the moment.
In our journey here, many, many before us have trodden the
steps you are taking, and most have at some point decided
that the know—ledge point they have come to, is the point of
sitting down and looking at the view from this perspective. And
at this point, all the agitation and motivation in the world may
not work to get them climbing again. They’ve simply had
enough expanding, and that’s it; well, at least for a time, or
maybe even for this life. It’s like any climb, when you take a
rest, you cannot make that the place of your permanent rest,
for it will become so before you know it; and you will stop
looking for the next key to the next door, that will take you
further along the road we are all destined to travel, when we
finally realise spiritual ascension through self and social
actualisation is what life is all about.
However, here we don’t — as I said — want to run on too far.
This is not about gaining new information for its own sake, as
the mind will not enter the in-formation state and never
progress to the wise domain.
It may be that you have learned many things and traveled to
many places in your life, but, unless you know the past —
where we have all been, and the present, where we all are right
now, your perspective will be subjective at best, as all you
know is second hand, repeated from a human source — that
you need to ask yourself “where they got their information
from?” Or are you already in that mind space of free thought,
that is subservient to a greater mechanism? Are you already in
that super-creative state we are looking for, or is your ego
kidding you that you are?
To calibrate where you are on this journey — is a deceptively
subjective thing to do. It’s a bit like asking a drunk man — how
drunk he is, or asking the tiger in the jail — what freedom is as
a concept. As he has lived in the jail all his life, how can he
possibly have a concept of what freedom might be.

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Mmmm, now there’s a question that we need an answer to. But
we know, the only way to determine a drunken man’s drunken
stupa, is to get him to walk a straight line without too much of
a wobble. In consciousness terms, our calibration comes from
the state of flow, the super-creative state, the conscious
leveraging of the unconscious mind to a strategic level on the
destiny path using the skills of critical thought, empathetic
understanding and active co creation… the agility of mind and
the instant access to gamma and theta states, within the mind
space of peace and ascension. Now there’s a recipe to think on
and master. This is your NMA chefs dish.

In our next schematic, we see the four walls of the construct
we were born into. It’s not the basis of conspiracy theories
against the establishment, it’s just our social evolution based
around a pyramidal system of power, that has been in
existence for thousands of years, and is consequently now
very evolved in its mechanisms of suppression. Are these some
form of plan to take over the world? I think that this may be a
little naive, as the world has long since been a place of
suppression and slavery, owned by the few who own the world
over the many. What we have is — four walls that ensure you
are a valued contributor to society; a generator of wealth
though your continued consumption and diligent work; the
commercial trade of your priceless life-time, for a few pieces of
silver as a hard core consumer and wealth generator.
Here we are not taking a political stance, we are simply looking
at the psychological implications of social structures, and how
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they may work in unison to achieve the suppression of human
potential through unconscious education to begin with, as the
entrance point to the construct, and then into social
compliance, political & legal compliance, religious compliance,
all within a pyramidal commercial construct of compliance.
You may argue that the system or the construct is not perfect
but it’s the only one we’ve got. Yet, all aspects of human social
and personal function can be improved — if that is we have a
mind to improve them, and not sit on our laurels at the expense
of those who suffer mental and physical hardship to support
our inactivity and our inability to make a difference. Notably —
on a socially actualised level.
If we take a position, whether it be legal, political, religious or
commercial, and support the social construct by our activity,

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we are directly or indirectly responsible for suffering… our own
and that of other people. For to stay within this jail, it is by no
means a free board and lodgings situation; it requires you to
trade freedom — for things, for having stuff at the expense of
expanding your being.
You trade fluid intelligence and the facility to ask the most
important questions of your existence in earnest for egoistic
social position and power. You trade your potential, in terms of
moving from the mindset to the mind-space. It’s not a price
that you have been given a choice about paying, rather it’s a
levy that has been taken from you without your knowing, and
consequently, bears no value to you, as you have no
experience of it. Thus it’s a price that you may see no value in
recouping, especially as your thought egoistically serves itself
from a protective base within the construct; serving the
construct through remaining a fraction of our potential, even
denying to ourselves we can be more. Consequently, we live
our lives within the Alpha and Beta brain waves, instead of
looking into the far reaches of our minds — to access our
It’s an existential question, that at some point comes to those
with a curious mind to ask it — then a willing mind to learn
more, and then the action to manifest the intention you have to
— to be more. This is the most important question though… do
you think you can be more than you are? And if the answer is
yes, then you need to be asking yourself why you are not
applying all your essence, all your being to being more.
The next question is do you think enlightenment is just a word
or an abstract concept, or is it a destination? If we recognise
that it represents a state if being, over a state of having, surely
this has to become our true north, our guiding light, and we
must elevate our thinking to experience this existence through
that state of consciousness. If you allow everything base within
this reality, that is not real and has no spiritual value, to be the
reason for your life, then you will create that experience as your
reality, and forget that greater awareness levels await you, so
the rich colours of you and experience are never truly explored.
Recently, I was asked how much time would it take to expand
the mind, the answer of course is as much time as you take,
and this means — as much time as you put into working the
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brain out. Just like going to the gym, the results will be different
if you go once a week, once a month, or every day. It’s just a
time/effort results equation, as well as how much you want to
weight lift of course (off your mind), and what is your desired
outcome. But one thing is for sure, the outcome you will
eventually gravitate to and manifest in your life, will be wildly
different to the one you originally envisaged.
Breaking-out of the mind jail, takes looking at the dynamics of
the construct, and deconstructing our relationship with it to its
constituent parts. A good change mechanism to achieve this, is
by asking the why behind the why behind the why behind the
why at infinitum; in effect, finding source, the origin behind
each belief and behaviour, each conscious and unconscious
program that we run, and asking — is it progressive or is it
regressive (not right or wrong)? in what context does it exist?
and do we want it or not?
Here, we imagine a pure white piece of paper that is the
canvass of our future, and place upon it the values we hold
dear, the beliefs we subscribe ,to and the behaviours we
repeat, and ask firmly — “are they what we want?” As they
were most certainly adopted from within the construct, and
serve a purpose to keep us within the frequency of thought that
maintains our constant subservience to it, without ever thinking
of what an alternative life or society might be.
A key aspect of NMA — that differs to all other therapies and
personal development programs, is it’s holistic nature. Whilst
most search for the answer to an individual issue, NMA
recognises the psychological structure of a person’s personal
projected perspective reality, is a surface based interconnected
holistic structure, where few aspects of the world view are
thought through and all have to support each other whilst
maintaining super states of ignorance is blisd, to fill in the
Thus the identity avatar is inauthentic and impoverished, just
like a building where each floor and wall has to support
another, yet the fabric of the design is completely random,
arbitrary, and often held together by imagined threads; with
emotional charges ready to go off when challenged. In effect,
we are psychological buildings — cobbled together over time,
with a stacked basis of belief systems, begun when we were
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too young to determine the validity or benefit of the
foundational information we were receiving.
Consequently, our psychological structures are like fragile
buildings made of playing cards, where a simple breeze of
challenge or change, can have the whole thing wobbling all
over the place. It’s why many people have a short fuse
emotionally and get upset with simple things — even if their
dinner isn’t served just as they like it or at the time they have
become used to expecting it. As a result, there is no flexibility
in the structure, it is rigid in its nature, and often very brittle and
fragile. So therapy — addressing a specific psychological
issue, becomes rather inept, when you realise the issue is part
of a complex holistic structure — built unconsciously over time,
that is trying desperately to support itself, so all the cards don’t
fall down. And this is where the need to be right is so essential
to survival within the construct — for being wrong might just be
too damaging for our psychological structures of fragile self
identification within limitation to cope with. Combine this, with
the advantages of ignorance over awareness, as a reductive
defence mechanism without responsibility, and you have
the need for blame as a very strong tool of survival within a
very small mental world of confinement.
NMA’s therapeutic brother — Consciousness Change Therapy
(CCT), takes the position that if you build a sand castle on
sand, you foundations are always going to be the problem;
however heavily built you defences above ground; so any
cracks in the walls of your belief system will affect the whole.
Our belief systems are built on ignorance and trust of the
consensus of the group — based on our conformity to what we
are told is normal, yet is blatantly corrupt on so many levels.
For example, could you bring together twelve people round a
table, that you know personally, who would all have a basic
understanding of the workings of an internal combustion
engine, cosmology, atomic structures, and how their food
actually gets to their table from the start of its journey, as well
as the processes in place within them, before that food exits
their body, and what happens then? Could you bring twelve
people together — that you would trust with your life and your
family’s lives; sure that when the pressure comes on — they
won’t crack? Twelve people — emotionally balanced enough to
work harmoniously together for the betterment of society
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without a personal, cultural, nationalistic, sexual or political
bias or agenda? Twelve people, who can critically and not
subjectively, argue a position from multiple positions effectively
— without cognitive dissonance, pride, ego, or erroneous
opinion, all with the same spiritual or religious awareness of the
past and the present? Twelve enlightened souls, that don’t rely
on swaths of ignorance about pretty well everything — to
support their world view, a world view that was well thought
through, logically arguable, and not drawn from the influencing
and conditioning of other human beings, who could not again
draw twelve such people also to their own tables? The big
question is … who exactly do you trust, and what argument
can you put forward — so I should trust them too, or will you
just say — “that’s my problem” if I don’t agree, and not talk to
me if I don’t go along with your thinking and lack of ability to
argue your case?
The benefit of CCT, is we are not looking to create illusory
certainties, founded on floored thinking and beliefs — that all
have to be adopted from other humans — whose thinking is
subjective at best, and corrupt at worst; as any person in the
pay of another is corrupt on some level to maintain their world
view, or salary for that matter.
When we accept our abject ignorance, and as humans we only
have access to 0.0035% of the electromagnetic field — which
is everything we experience in this reality, then we allow our
brains to grow … and we have 99.9965% to grow within. But if
we want to create our worlds — through assumption and
ignorance, and egoistically say that this is all that there is, then
I’m afraid we are heading for a fall, a fall of monumental
proportions — a global catastrophe. And this is where society
is at the moment, heading for the abyss through choosing not
to think, not to expand the mind, because the conditioning of
limitation is so strong. And on a neuroscience level, we have
been robbed of our fluid intelligence — so we don’t ask
questions and only fulfil a role that serves the few.
Let’s go a little practical here, as the construct is very, very
powerful, and is the cause of mental and physical suffering on
a global level that is hard to comprehend. Yet those within it,
will defend it to the death, preferably the death of the
challenger to their view, as people will kill others first and die fir

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a belief. This is the power of thought through belief — it is
stronger than any sword or weapon.
In CCT, we have the latitude to not see — that the patient is the
one with THE problem, that THEY need to be cured of THEIR
abnormality to become normal. Instead, we see that the
difficulties a person suffers are symbiotic with difficulties of
society itself. That the issue is a symptom on a core level of
conflict; that what they are being asked to understand and
conform to, is corrupt and in itself has no sense of normality to
it; just power and control for its own sake, by people who are
far from enlightened and aware.
It’s possible to feel a sense of normal, if you retain selective
ignorance and work from an unconscious base within the idea
you are right; for how many of us choose to navigate life from a
position of being abjectly wrong (non progressive). But what is
wrong as a context, after all?
Which among us are not corrupt given the context of survival
— or gain, what ever that may be. Who amongst us does not
twist reality so we don’t feel bad about ourselves or our
behaviour. Who amongst us does not have secrets, of what
we’ve done or what we’ve thought, and who amongst us has
not sat in judgement of others — perhaps even to make us feel
better about ourselves, as we were not the accused.
What is justice, what is truth, what is honesty, what is
forgiveness and understanding? Within NMA we have ten laws
of the limitless mind you may want to consider and even aspire
to live by; none are actually all that easy to master in the
moment, on a daily basis.
• Limitless understanding
• Limitless knowledge
• Limitless thought
• Limitless creativity
• Limitless potential

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• Limitless love
• Limitless forgiveness
• Limitless patience
• Limitless humility
• Limitless wisdom

It’s a bit of a list to play with, and one you have to check
yourself against again and again within NMA — as each is a
key to opening the mind that little bit more, when we are faced
with the challenges life will surely give us. And it is within these
difficulties of choice — we ascend; where as within the
construct, we are always looking for peace in our lives, with no
problems as we no longer have the creative problem-solving of
fluid intelligence to help us; the brain doesn’t grow without
challenge, just as the muscle doesn’t grow without bigger
weights to press.
Social conformity is a very strong influence on our lives, as we
don’t want to be seen to be outside the group, we want to be
accepted and revered, liked and valued … and respected of
course, what for — doesn’t seem to matter all that much, just
that we feel that we are.
Escaping this aspect of the mind jail for some, can be seem
virtually impossible, for if they feel are not fulfilling their
perceived social role, they can feel completely at a loss, and as
a consequence suffer depression, anxiety and physical
Even angst with a co worker, can throw their state of being so
far out of balance, that life can seem unbearable. Cabin fever,
or front room syndrome from working at home, can be an
issue, as the mind closes down to the environment, hence why
going for a walk or a change of scenery can help. But the real
problem is — the prioritised perceptive reality.

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Take a person into the far reaches of space away from earth,
and what difference does anything back on earth make? So
proximity is another aspect to be considered, when opening
the mind. It’s all just a matter of perspective and how much
value or loss we place on a thing or situation. To open the
mind, generally starts with the removal of fear, conformity and
validation systems within the mind — that are some of the bars
we have on our mental jails. And this is accomplished through
learning non-combative argument, which means bringing forth
challenges for the person to solve in their own mind, often
supported by asking for the reverse argument — at a
diametrically opposed position. After all, reality is subjective at
best, it’s just whether we empower ourselves with the capacity
to effect change and create better realities, or we conform to
the off-the-peg narrative we’ve been asked to accept without
As a case study — a girl in her mid thirties who identified
herself as a hotel worker after seven years in the service
industry — when asked why she could not see herself as a
hotel guest? — had no answer. The social/career identity she
accepted as her lot, was never mentally challenged, so she
could never consciously identify outside of this position. To
stay within the subservient state, all aspects of alternatives
simply do not figure within the individual’s unconsciously
formed sense of what reality is, or how they are positioned
within it.
To take the individual, and place them on the terrace of a five-
star hotel, sipping champagne, with a mink coat on, is a huge
shift of self-identification. The limiting identity feels completely
like a fish out of water, uneasy, and perhaps suffering a good
old dose of imposter syndrome — where someone will find out
the truth about them… that they shouldn’t be there. The mind
can torment us from many directions, simply because most of
what is — we haven’t experienced, and is beyond our
awareness to know; and without fluid intelligence to combat
the self-identification through limitation —when we are asked
to step off of our islands of certainty in the sea of eternity, we
just cannot cope.
It takes time for the mind to adjust its structure, its map of what
it thinks reality of what should be, and it’s considerably easier
to do if you anaesthetise the holistic structure of self
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-identification within limitation and all its defence mechanisms
before you start as an operator within NMA. Otherwise, you are
in for a bit of a fight — as the very survival of the inauthentic
social identity avatar — that has been in ascendency for a very
long time, is at stake; it will fight back, it will argue, it will get
angry and it will run away.
The four walls of the construct are what the unconscious
person bounces off of, with a sense of inverted moral
judgment, bound by subservience to the legal and political
system, always fearing the loss of lively-hood in the
commercial sense — if there is societal rejection. Even death is
no escape, as the embedded fear of judgment by the almighty
is conditioned into the mind by religious conformity. The
construct has all the bases covered, and all the minds
conditioned, to reject any threat to the sense of certainty
society provides to a person on a rock travelling through the
endless void of space, at 66,600 mph. In effect, we settle for a
small part of an illusion, so we don’t have to think about
anything beyond the boxes of our heads, houses, cars, offices
and buildings we live within. Perhaps this is why we call it
thinking out of the box, but in NMA — we call it thinking over
the hills and far far away.
Perhaps now you are beginning to appreciate the complexity
and the enormity of the task ahead when we look to accelerate
the mind, yet let me reassure you, this is by no means an
insurmountable mountain for you to assail — if we take itvstep
by step, and if that is — you are prepared to stand and stay the
course. Remember, your thinking at this point — if you have
been to school — is working at under five percent of the
available capacity; you have a left brained convergent bias; you
operate within an island of certainty; your mental agility levels
have reduced in line with the demise of your fluid intelligence;
your mind has to reduct reality into a small projected
perspective reality of limitation in order to survive as a egoistic
entity without the crushing weight of psychological limitation
pressing down; with a propensity for process-based thinking
within the alpha and theta brain waves; and not the super
states of creativity and problem solving of theta and gamma.
All within four walls of the construct, that can only have the
power to incarcerate you, if you give them that power by
choosing not to think too much about anything — if at all, and
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over time, have a brain which reduces in capacity in line with
what society tells us is a normal prognosis for what we should
expect from life. Once we give all this up, then we will rapidly
accelerate away. So this is why we take the easier route in CCT
and NMA — by overwhelming the mind with lots of information
in a very short space of time, so the brain gives up thinking and
reinforcing its PPPR, and lensing what’s being said — and we
can bye-pass all the aforementioned hurdles, rather than
spending years and years trying to unravel a complex mind —
that is its own worst enemy; holding a mass of negative self-
identification and illusory thinking, that simply doesn’t make
sense — but is the unconscious lens that information is filtered
through. This is why in NMA, we use a number of psychological
techniques — all at the same time, to reset the mind so it can
become the creator and architect of life for the first time— from
the ground up, rather than layering more information on the
sandy foundations we discussed.
It’s always wise to reflect on this journey — what exactly is
influencing our thinking and why? How the egoistic identity is
always ready to race forward and take over our thinking —
which suits the construct every time, as it provides the illusion
of safety and certainty, with the price of freedom. It really is
very difficulty to figure out who is in charge of your thinking
sometimes, and to keep reminding ourselves to keep noticing
noticing — that we are reactionary and instead focus on
becoming actionary & progressively creative. This noticing is
our drunken or unconscious calibration of self as well as the
calibration others.
A simple litmus test: Are you repeating, creating or revealing,
and are you lying to yourself?
Awareness takes considerable work, just like going to the gym,
you have to keep at it, as we have all been infected with a
thought virus that has a default position of us being asleep,
and remaining asleep, dreaming our way though life — thinking
we are awake. And it always wants to take us back there. The
whole construct, as I have said, works in unison with our inner
and outer worlds, to deceive us into believing we are all that we
can be, having already robbed us of who we could of been,
and convinced us we can be no more. But this is a lie.

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Just like the tiger in the cage, our fight is with our own sense of
security, sentimentally, and awareness, with our egoistic
defence mechanisms — that tell us what we know is all that
there is, as we sit on the know-ledge of ascendancy and say to
ourselves — “this view is the only view for me” and forget there
are greater heights to climb, that will lead us to far more
meaningful and caring lives, as well as a better society for all:
The Great Revolution of the book Human 3.0.
Within NMA, we go far further than other self-development
disciplines — when we extend beyond the individual into the
historical and current sociological problems we face, and then
into the future within the digital revolution and our relationship
with AI. We are taking on a big challenge — that is essential
work to do inside and out — otherwise we will simply find
ourselves left behind, and possibly replaced, at the top of the
food chain on planet earth by a new intelligence that we
created. AI will work 24/7/365 to accelerate its thinking
relentlessly into the future, while we watch Netflix, eat the pizza
and drink the wine, expressing our opinions, while thinking how
intelligent we are, having no hand whatsoever in creating the
technology that replaced us. Unfortunately as a race, we have
become so ignorant in our thinking, that we are left with only
illusory superiority and a defensive egoistic mindset, to move
into the future with; prognosis is thus not a good one if things
remain the same. This is why 15 years ago I decided to do
what I could personally to develop mechanisms that were at
the time beyond my comprehension, systems of growth and
understanding within the ecosystem of an entire new industry
— an agile one, that might be the beginning of the change
necessary to meet the challenges we face as a race.
Whether these mechanisms are the final solution or even a
stepping stone solution is somewhat irrelevant, because what it
does show, is that average people — like you and me, working
together — can change our minds and thus change the world,
by using our grey and white matter in ways that we didn’t think
possible; to create solutions to problems that are beyond our
event horizons — our experience and awareness thus far.

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It’s a simple equation, to balance — do we want to take the 40
bits of data the conscious mind uses, to provide the direction
to the unconscious, in the form of intention, to at the very least
get out of the mental and social jails we are incarcerated
Remember Carl Jung’s words, about making the unconscious
conscious. Otherwise, we will be taken over by AI and call it
fate, or at the very worst call AI God — as our thinking is just
too slow to keep up; so it has to be fate and it has to be God
as we can’t be bothered to think any bigger for ourselves.
The left side of the schematic is where we stand as a race,
within a psychological shell that operates just like a limiter on a
cars performance — so we don’t go to fast for our capabilities.
The shell is a natural system that allows the personality and the
identity to grow within an automated behavioural system, and
is designed to be replaced by the rise of the conscious mind to
the ascendant path, through what some indigenous
populations refer to as the second birth, the birth of the body
and mind first, and then the spirit, or the actualised self, the
socially actualised consciousness levels attained when we
break-out of the needs-based thinking Abraham Maslow
referred to.

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An important aspect of NMA, is it is a fusion of the work of
some of the wisdom and ideas of the greatest minds that ever
lived, from the backgrounds of neuroscience to psychology,
from theology to philosophy, from physiology to metaphysics,
from quantum physics to spirituality. All drawn together within a
powerful discipline — specifically designed to challenge what
we think, and to liberate us from the shell based life, society is
so keen to keep us within for the duration of our lives.
The discipline itself — takes time to master, not least because
of the diversity of the information and the skill-set that must be
mastered, but also because it’s a very personal discipline, that
requires the individual to really reach deeply into themselves
through guided introspection, to meet the inevitable challenges
opening one’s mind will bring.
Cracking the shell identity open, and stepping out from the jail
of the mind, is, as I will repeat — no easy task, and if you are
going to repeat the process once you have mastered flow state
and what we call within the Consciousness University — Your
Sciences Of The Unknown Universe, you are going to find the
acceleration of the mind into super states goes through the
roof — in the trainer trainer format. In NMA, we are unlearning
and redefining the whole identity in multiple ways to move
away from that shell of limitation, and regain fluid intelligence
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— so the brain is not always locked into the desire or rejection
of information for its own egoistic support, bound by
crystallised intelligence, but using information as a catalyst to
re-engage in the in-formation state, that reanimates the fluid
intelligence, so we may enter the wise-domain.

The core of you embodies all the laws of the limitless we
discussed earlier, it’s fluid, it’s in the mind-space, and it’s super
fast compared to convergent thought. But to make the shift,
means you have to know why your brain is the way it is, and
why it functions the way it does — then it’s the choice of what
you want to do next in life that is really where the true journey
begins and the excitement starts.
Do you want the hemispherically synchronised brain? Or do
you want to stay within states of suppression?
It seems such a simple obvious question with such a
straightforward answer, yet in my experience, the majority do
seem to love the ignorance is bliss principle, because it takes
away all forms of responsibility. Consequently, one is relieved
of learning response-ability & responsibility, which are the
hallmark of agile thinking, as much as the key to the
resurrection of the creative genius that resides in you. in all of
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The path to ascension isn’t a race, and you are not in
competition with anyone else, it’s your journey, but you may
want to think about what’s at stake here — in the context of the
future you are going to be required to participate within. Of
course, you may want to bury your head in the sand
sometimes, and hide from the world, but whatever you do, the
world it is going to come knocking on that door of yours —
sooner or later, and if you don’t have the mental tools to
navigate its demands, then I’m afraid you are going to be found
wanting. And this means — your mind has to be super agile,
which means upgrades to the mind that will enhance your
range of C suite skills at are the core in the next diagram.
If your communication can flow to intention — using the
unconscious mind to do the work, then you will be far better
disposed to converse at the level AI will require. You certainly
don’t need too much communication skill to converse with the
average human, as to put it bluntly — they are thinking at a
terribly slow pace, with a thought and thought to verbalisation
speed that corresponds to the low levels of the conditioned
mind. Bandwidth contained within the convergent mind’s
parameters, doesn’t allow for a great amount of agility, as
much of the mind’s workings are taken up with mind statistic…
random thoughts that bounce around subject to subject, filling
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the mind in a repetitive, non-strategic or directed way, that
simply doesn’t allow much space beyond the processes of the
day — that need to be accomplished as a priority, or the
person will feel a lack of value within themselves.
Human beings, feel they have to be doing something, and it is
the something that is the problem, as it tends to end up with
anything but stillness to avoid a sense of boredom which has
the inherent dark nature of a lack of true purpose behind it, yet
break through — and this is the place of true peace and
serenity within the polarities that exist within all of us. You have
positive & negative, creative & destructive, progressive &
regressive, weak & strong, dominant & submissive, make &
female, ying & yang — we all do, and many more.
In all subjects — there are two polarities, neither is good nor
bad, even the light & the dark have different benefits and
difficulties to be balanced. We cannot aspire to live in a perfect
world, as what gives perfection value is the juxtaposition of
imperfection, each only exists with the others opposite.
A black and white photograph has, as the name suggests, two
polarities — all of one, and you don’t get a photo. And this is
what is important to understand about life, rather than striving
for a perfection that would be out-of-balance on its own.
Nothing can exist without the formation of polarities, even
human social behaviour creates groups with positive and
negative polar opposites within it, growing and dividing, on
what seems on the surface to be a simple belief question, but it
is at core an unconscious energetic polarity reason. Our
mission is to draw these polarities together so they work
together in unison for ascension for all.
As we study NMA, we are looking at how the personal
dynamics of a mind works, the holistic structure of how identity
is formed. We have touched on the inner world on our journey
together thus far, and discovered it’s a complex place — that in
the unconsciously ascendent position, is a rather jumbled up
place, only given direction by its relationship within the social
construct. This is what we explore first, within what we call the
relationship between personal & social dynamics, how we take
what is inside and communicate it with the outside world, and
what the outside world in our direct circle of influence
communicates back with us. The more random your inner
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world of personal dynamics, the less effective your social
dynamics will be, as you will not have a coherent set-up in your
brain, without it bring chained subserviently to process based
Remember, if you have been conditioned through school to
absorb — for the most part of the time — in a one way
convergent communication, with your brain remaining in the
information absorption state, thought itself has not been
mastered or realised. Consequently, when you are asked to
solve the problems life throws at you, your brain has never
been trained to work with those problems, creatively problem-
solving, with an internal dialogue that gives intention to the
unconscious mind — with a clear destination of outcome; so
the computer of the mind can calculate the most appropriate
action and analyse potential outcomes. Problem-solving is a
fundamental of human existence, and in our adult existences,
we are faced with existential problems, that primarily revolve
around our interpersonal relationships with others; with work
colleagues, partners, children friends, relatives. This is the
subject of social dynamics, and we are never trained in how to
navigate the key aspect of human growth, interaction and
wellbeing. So is it any wonder, we get into so much trouble.
angst and stress, and rely on our egos to help us survive the
emotional and psychological skirmishes, battles, and wars we
experience… of our own unconscious making. A problem after
all — is only a problem if you want it to be, but you have to be
conscious of causality — the resultant manifestation of your
unconscious mind into reality, that will be arbitrary until you
learn to take control of your mind, your thoughts, your world.
Consequently, getting our internal communication right as a
first step, is fundamental to getting the next bit right — in
becoming more focused, strategic & emotionally balanced,
with clearer vision, without resorting to blame and judging, but
exploring understanding. It’s a far better and more productive
place to be, and it’s certainly a position you want to take if you
have a mind to accomplish something simple or of magnitude;
at the very least — not be a victim of life, but a person who
recognises there is a destiny path to be explored and enjoyed,
outside of the jail of process and goal subservient thinking,
always within the ego’s defensive bounds.

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NMA is based on learning a more effective interior dialogue
and thought management system, instructing the unconscious
to manifest intention through imagineering & emotioneering, as
well as the ability to master conversation and argument with
others. Unfortunately, we are programmed at school to only
receive, and not creatively problem-solve, so we end up
spending time avoiding confrontation, as we have no answer to
it; fearing problems, as we have no way to think through them
and come up with solutions, when in truth, these two are the
spice of life, the fun.
Many people chase peace as their number one destination,
and some often wish for death to take away the confusion, the
responsibility and the pain, of having no-way-out of the inner
jail. As a result, distraction and running away becomes the
order of the day, rather than working through what is virtually
always a very simple situation at core. Human beings have a
propensity to over-complicate issues as a defence mechanism,
that either leads to procrastination or just behaving in an
ignorant and self-serving egoistic way — as a solution, the only
solution within this bandwidth of thought. An unconscious
mind over time, develops all sorts of thought patterns that
evolve to solve problems, that are beyond the conscious minds
ability to rationalise or manage. The solutions it comes up with,
can be rather odd and often very weak, even self defeating and
anti-social, but if the unconscious finds a result once in running
a defence pattern, then the pattern may be repeated again and
again within ever more complex equations and situations, with
compounded results that lead to detrimental mental and social
Once again, I remind you that within MNA, we are making the
unconscious conscious, we are creating awareness, and for
many this is a hard to do, as they have lived all their lives —
either solidly within the construct, living and dying by its
mantra, its rules, or psychologically bending themselves into a
very unstable identity, that requires omission and deletion of
behaviour to survive without responsibility for outcome.
Learning psychoanalysis is an important part of NMA, but it is
by no means the only part, it’s just a tool to opening a door to
ever deeper consciousness levels. Psychoanalysis starts with
looking at oneself through the lens of introspection, and then
out into the world — to objectively calibrate thinking and
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behaviour to be either progressive or regressive. Here we steer
clear of judgement for egoistic sake. We are just looking at
beings and asking questions … that lead to an assessment of
how aware a person is. It’s an analysis. Nothing more. It’s not
about being better than someone else, or being further up the
consciousness ladder — because you are caught up in the
constructs desire for you to act within its values of negative
competition within the human race; the operative linguistic
suggestion is that it is a ‘race’ and everyone is your
competition. It’s not such a good world if we are all in
competition with each-other on every level. We end up arguing,
trying to beat others down, judging people, and always trying
to take the superior ground of righteousness, within a
defensive/ aggressive position of self-protection and self-
Is it any wonder, we have such a hard time in life, when the
field of battle is laid out for us just to try to survive, with often
the person lying in bed next to us being our secret enemy,
especially when communication breaks down. This is why
getting your internal voice working for you, so you can get your
external voice working effectively, is a basic that you will have
to master, yet this will mean you will have to give into the
concept that you can be more than you are, that is a
fundamental tenant of NMA . You cannot accelerate the mind, if
you have the brakes on, you’re engine has stopped working,
you’re stuck in reverse, you keep crashing, or you have pulled
over to admire your view of yourself. Nor can you accelerate,
without facing a bump in the road from time to time, and
realising that sometimes your unconscious thinking, may just
take you down a dead-end, at which point your ego will step in
and try to convince you that you are right, even when there is
no where to go, and you end up hanging about with others
down the same cul de sac, saying to yourself — at least I’m not
alone so i must be right because the other sheep are here too.
If you’re not progressing and you are not happy, you need to
admit this to yourself, and look for the answers that will take
your back to the true path; not into boxes of distraction or
staying in the information collection mindset.
Here are some egoistic defence mechanisms you may be
familiar with in yourself and others. You can pick which ones
are doubt, delay, denial, distraction, deletion and distortion,
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and which of the ten laws of the limitless you can use to solve
the behavioural issue.
• Blaming others
• Hiding
• Becoming aggressive
• Pushing away
• Rejecting
• Confusing the situation
• Bringing in allies
• Finding unconscious support
• Emotional instability
• Incoherent argument
• The need to be tight
• Making things up
• Self harming
• Burying in work
• Addiction.
• Attention seeking
• Playing victim
• Playing martyr
• Projecting onto others
• Selective ignorance
• No responsibility
• Shutting down
• Neurotic episode
• Psychotic episode
• Self harm
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• Illness

Authentic Confidence comes when you get the interior mind
state working as it should be, just like taking a car and getting
the carburettors tuned up when the factory settings were on go
slow for safety or control reasons, but over the years they’ve
got clogged up with dirt, until they barely function at all.
To accelerate, you have to clean out the dirt, reset & recalibrate
for the destination you want to go towards, determine the
speed you want to go, and why you want yo go there.
Unfortunately, you are not trained in the carburettors of your
mind, and how to clear out what’s clogging your brain; and
working on your own brain only yields limiting results as you
are limited by you — the bandwidth of your own thought only
lets you see what you have become accustomed to. This is
why — to accelerate, you need to work with someone who has
already accelerated, and can give you the guidance to find your
feet and the solutions necessary to solve your own problems
and enjoy doing it; actually looking forward to problems to
solve that have life-changing ramifications. Not just problems
on a board game or video game. These are a distraction, using
your brains desire to solve in a way that incarcerates you more,
as you cannot recognise the problem to be solved — is the
world you live in — not the distraction you play.
True authentic confidence, is the quintessential quality that is
attractive to some, as well as being a quality that can create
deep resentment in people who are egoistically confident. It’s
one of those skills that on an authentic self-aware level, comes
from the humility of knowing who you are and where you are
going on the destiny path. There is no projection necessary, no
bluster, no honouring oneself, no need to get others to revere
you, to give you value, no social position, or success to revel
in. It’s just a place where what is — is, nothing more, it’s a
place where you are progressing to Nirvana every day, step-by-
step, and you know it at your core. What’s important, is you are
beginning to see the signs and follow the path laid our for you;
you are downloading from the quantum field and uploading
from your experiential wisdom bank — just as you should be.
There is no perfection here, for you will still oscillate and feel
uncertain, but you will always know you are following the path
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by the lack of static and friction you encounter inside and out,
and the amount of flow and creativity you can manifest in the
moment. In this way, life itself becomes the treasure you have
been looking for, not the material acquisitions, not the money,
not the success, not the ownership, just the balance point that
enables you to ascend, and that balance point comes from
entering the mind-space so you can connect with the infinite,
not just egoistically con yourself that you are.
Remember, the unconscious inauthentic identity avatar
survives through need, and it is waiting in the background for
you to need something — for it to promise to give you that
reward if you give it power by your subservience to the
construct. Let me repeat, the identity avatar within you, only
survives while you give it power, and it can only survive within
this realm, thus it needs you to give it life by giving it self
importance, yet it is not you. It is the auto pilot that helped you
grow in the birth of the mind and the body, but now it’s the time
of the spirits freedom, and this means breaking out of the
identity within the construct, breaking the shell itself.
As I’ve mentioned many times and will continue to repeat and
reframe, ascension comes from the development of the
creative mind, not the repetition of a process to give one self
validation through completing processes. The latter, is how the
construct creates the unconscious jail of the mind through
limiting self-identification. Here are some common limits
people apply in their srlf programming language patterns:
• I’m not creative
• I’m too old
• I’m too stupid
• I’m not confident enough
• I have not enough time
• I’m not skilled enough
• I can’t do it well enough
• I’ve done it before and it doesn’t work out
• I don’t want to fail
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• I like what I do so I don’t need anything else
• I’m not sure
• I doubt that is correct
• My gut tells me this
• It’s impossible
• I’m not intelligent enough
• I like peace
• I don’t want to try
• It doesn’t interest me
• I agree … but
• I need to look elsewhere
• I cannot see the purpose
• I’m just too busy
• Once I’ve done this I will start that
• Other people don’t agree
• People say this
• I don’t like problems
• I don’t like to argue
• Of it wasn’t for this
• It’s easy for you
• I wish I was dead
• I just want it to go away
• You are wrong I am right
• I’m not lucky
• I’m unlucky
• Life is always bad to me
• I’m confused

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• Why do you upset me
• You should make me happy
• No one loves me

All of these are basic linguistic instructional patterns to the
mind, that are on the surface — said as negative self
identification within unconscious conversational language
patterns, yet further below they are the programming language
of mind, that within a negative consistency create the reality a
person experiences. The unconscious is a super-computer that
is programmed by the thought and speech patterns a person
uses. In linguistics it’s 15-16,000 words per day, 40-60,000
thoughts a day — some say, but I haven’t actually counted
them, as its not necessary — only to know that words are
powerfully predictive. But what’s most important is the
consistency and commitment of a person towards destination
thinking. The unconscious will act on random unconscious
instruction to manifest whatever it is you identify reality as, thus
a confused mind will create a confused reality of course, but
even at a conversational level, what we say in terms of these
programming statements goes straight into the unconscious
mind as instruction. Ergo result.
This is why in NMA, awareness of what we communicate to
others and ourselves unconsciously and consciously,
symbiotically and linguistically, is a major game changer in a
person’s life. It is the very first step up the ascension path, and
is often met with resistance by the ascendent unconscious
identity. Judgement and rejection are the first two defence
mechanisms, followed by running away so the personally
projected perspective reality can be maintained, through
avoiding rebuttal or any form of open dialogue. Such is the
ascendant unconscious identity’s power, that regardless of
position, will select ignorance and aggression to avoid any
challenge to the world view it has. This is a problem with the
dominant male identity — in both males and females, where
the world of limitation and negative self-identification can only
manifest in aggression as a defence mechanism. There is little
room to entertain understanding and exploration, as the world
view is constructed — based on not knowing, not
comprehending, not accepting — that there may be more than
we know. Because acceptance of being more, is direct threat
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to the egoist identity and personally projected perspective
Beginning to understand the intricacies of how your mind
creates the ‘reality’ of what you perceive as real, and what
others perceive is real, is a foundation of NMA. It is a constant
challenge to the emotional structure and the conditioning we
are all exposed to by the construct, and this is where
consistency, commitment and continuity of progressive
thought editing has to be practiced, again and again and again,
until it becomes second nature; until you are not governed by
unconscious patterns, and you become the architect and the
creator of your life beyond the construct. So what you think —
your personal dynamics, are in a place where you can mind-
map yourself, and calibrate in others, to see where on the
ascension path you are. It is after all, an archetypal path open
to all, and one many illustrious minds have undertaken the
journey through mastering critical thought, emotional volatility,
and expanding creativity to escape the construct, and free
themselves of the invisible shackles that hold them back. It’s a
very intensive journey with a lot of soul searching, to face
oneself in the mirror, again and again and again, making
mistakes, looking for signs, taking opportunity — but at the
same time learning patience, as you simply cannot force the
state of flow.
Mastery of the mind is mastery of a universal skill that is the
ultimate skill of life, for without a mind that is free of the
constraints of the construct, you can never know thy self, and
as such, never know the source of who you are and why you
are here. That subject will remain behind the curtain, until you
take the action to pull back the veil, and this takes
deconstructing who you think you are, to be come the person
you destined to be.
Assessment of one’s self, to ascertain the bandwidth of our
thinking, is an essential part of our growth within NMA; for not
knowing there are differing brain waves, leads you to never
realise how you master your mind with them. If you don’t know
there are four wheels on your car, how can you possibly know
how it can roll. But here we are not talking about wheels, we
are talking about the most powerful computer in the universe
— between your ears, that has been dulled down in its
capacity to think and manifest, because it is conditioned to
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think in limiting self-identification; egoistically secure within its
position — within an illusion, and remain there at all costs.

Recognising the differing brain waves of thought when we are
in them — what each state feels like — from the discoveries of
neuroscience, goes a long way to helping us understand what
we must do to undo the limitations. And this is where we are
better positioned than our forbears. We know that alpha waves
are those the brain uses in processes like — getting out of bed
and cleaning one’s teeth, day dreaming at the same time; we
know beta would be akin to problem solving whether we will
catch the train to work, and in these two states we spend most
of our time. But theta is the sponge state of in-formation state,
not projection, our brains developed through in early childhood,
as well as being the place we dwell within when we are moving
from sleep to waking — when the mind is both aware, but in
the unconscious at the same time; and gamma is advanced
problem solving in the awake state of Hemispheric
Consequently, if you are scared of problems and avoid
difficulties to remain in alpha and beta, your brain, the decoder
of this reality, will not spend time in gamma, and become by
default — a predominately “Alpha & Beta” mind, the term “use
it or lose it” comes to mind. To enter gamma at will, you have
to practice, by putting your mind in the state of advanced

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problem-solving, not remembering answers to repeat them as
This is the difference between repeating a map and creating a
map. If your mind is conditioned to repeat, that’s all it will do
until you change its function — by changing your intention and
instructing to the unconscious — to do your bidding and not
the other way round.
You have to lose the armour of the shell so the mind can
become the free transmitter and decoder of information; the
creator and the downloader, leveraging the experiential wisdom
bank of your life (the amalgamation of the unconscious
experience that is recorded through all the days of your life),
then connecting with the quantum field for insight and
inspiration. This then becomes your fully functional brain, but
this is just the start, as you now can access all-day-long
gamma and theta in the flow state, to a direction and an
intention that is of the highest nature of human thought and
Practice is essential here, in terms of entering group flow state
sessions, editing with a guide, solving moral challenges,
entering non-combative argument, exploring theoretical
consciousness, and defining your understanding of quantum
psychology. It’s an effective formula that great minds have
utilised before you to unlock the secrets of the unknown
universe, so there is no need to reinvent the wheel — just
follow the path and get to the point where you are super
creative, in Nirvana — in the mindspace without ego, socially
actualised and not just kidding yourself.
As, whilst actions speak louder than words, words are the
programming language of mind, and thoughts are the tools we
can use to imagineer and emotioneer the world we would like
to experience, as this means changing our perspective reality
first, not the world to fit an incomplete and suppressed
unconscious mind’s internal map/picture of what should be.
The point is not ‘should be’, it’s the evolution towards the
balance position within the mind so we can ascend — as we
must, rather than excuse ourselves from anything remotely
spiritual in understanding — to serve the unconscious mind
and the construct’s projection of what spirituality and life
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should be. The future can yet be formed, and this requires the
collective artistry of a free humanity beyond the construct to
achieve the unity consciousness that is the evolutionary step
for humanity. There is right now, a window of opportunity that
we have never experienced before — due to the technological
(digital) revolution, but it does require us to recognise the
window — and open it — to pass though, rather than delaying
our acceptance of being more and our action to do what is
necessary to become normal ascendant human beings, rather
than accepting the shadows of projections, that are not us at
all; just unconscious pawns of the construct, living out the
theatre of life that is presented as the only channel, the only
drama available.
Within NMA, we disrupt an age-old industry of psychological
suppression, and this includes the psychological industry in all
its forms, as it is for the most part, an unconscious industry
that serves the construct’s doctrine — staying within the single
paradigm … that people have to conform to the corrupt at the
cost of consciousness itself. Perhaps, many would like this —
in many ways secretive industry — to be disrupted, as it is full
of charlatans and gurus promising a better life should you
follow them, or wish you to study a doctrine that gives you
answers to questions you might have thought about. But the
real problem is, the one they don’t address is — you are still
you in the shell, the inauthentic egoistic identity, locked within
the jail of the mind and the social construct. This is where the
real problem lies, and unless it is addressed first and foremost,
you will end up going round in circles suffering the same issues
just in different ways.

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Once you accept you can be more and understand it from a
behavioural, psychological and social stance, you will begin to
see how mental and physical health issues are a product of not
a sick person, but a symptom of a sick society that actively &
un-naturally suppresses the mind for a lifetime, into a natural
unconscious growth shell — for the purpose of serving and
maintaining the unconscious pyramidal system of power itself.
The question then is, who is pulling the strings behind the
Let me put it another way, is God conscious, or is it a
consciousness striving — like us as it is us — to find balance
and ascension? Are we — as a collective — the mind of God
working through all the challenges and decisions — that as a
whole add up to a shift in awareness once trillions of
computations have brought about the next door that will open
and provide the shift for everything. This is where, within NMA,
we enter into theological conversations as one of the seven
subjects that form the holistic human identity within this reality.
As I’m sure you will now realise, trying to decode the “all” from
the position of 99.9965 awareness, is a bit of a difficult task.
But perhaps this not so important, perhaps it’s the shift from
99.9965 ignorance to 99.9964 that will make the key difference.
After all, the key is not the door, it’s a fraction of it in mass, just
as wisdom is not knowledge, it’s the useful application of
knowledge at the right time to solve a problem of the moment
that matters in the wise domain.
Every time I ask you to contemplate or ponder a perspective,
you will automatically lens through what you do or don’t
believe, a holistic system that has been unconsciously adopted
by your brain over time, to give you a foundation of certainty in
a sea of eternity that is beyond our understanding.
The limiting equation we are born into, and cannot possibly
resolve within the expanding nature of what consciousness and
the universe is, is A + B must equally C a certainty for us to feel
secure. In your income, in your success, in your relationship, in
your family, everything that within your internal world map has
to be in place, because you think it does and because you
have picked up values and beliefs that need to be fulfilled for
you to feel right. But what happens when we take all this away,
— your identity, your position in society, what you need on your
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plate at dinner time and what you need to see on television or
hear from other people that confirms your sense of what
normality is; or what society has taught you.
Ignorance at its worst, can only lead to pain and suffering as it
has to support itself though never asking questions, and
operating within self identification through limitation that
creates the unconscious holistic identity — and here, holistic
means an impoverished identity with massive holes of
ignorance within it.
Ignorance applies to the educated and much as the
uneducated, just as awareness applies to the poor as a
potential as much as the rich. But the need to be right — to
save yourself from being wrong, and thus stop yourself from
falling into the abyss as certainty falls away from you, is the
aspect of consciousness that keeps people locked within their
jails of the mind, operating at 40 bits of mental data per
second, under the weight of a life of unconscious behaviour
ruining at 40 million bits of data — rather than leveraging the
unconscious to manifest reality to its design, something that it
is more than capable of doing.
I’m not the first to speak of this and I certainly won’t be the
last. Nichiren, the 14th century Buddhist monk, spoke of
heaven being here in the now, only our brains cannot decode
it, as we are not open enough to see beyond what our current
senses see; our bandwidth and frequency of thought — our
awareness due to the structural limitations of our brains caused
by the construct. The door to this heaven, comes from opening
the mind to a different formula, where A + B equals a potential,
within multiple potentials co existing at the same time, and our
challenge is to pick the one most optimised for expansion in
that moment, using agile thinking that does not require
certainty, or a fear of failure, or validation, or a doctrine to live
by, or someone to follow, but allows us to move our position
based around current awareness, and be open to the inevitable
arrival of new insights that will change everything… keys to
alternative universes, created by small shifts in the awareness
of individuals and the all. This is why your mind is incredibly
important, and your C suit of skills must be developed and
honed to stay with the pace of change that is exponential in its

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NMA, is not a basis for living within a moral and judgemental
code or doctrine or belief system, it’s simply a process to
release the mind to greater states of awareness, and so release
the individual of the mental and physical stresses that trying to
maintain certainty puts on the individual; aging them
prematurely and robbing them of the freedom to grow and
experience the full richness of life for life.
As I will repeat, it’s making the unconscious conscious, by
using the basis for how we construct our realities — though
language … the programming language of mind, in order to
change the neuroplasticity of the mind — to have more
bandwidth of thought to operate within, and escape the
psychological and social jails we are encased unconsciously
within. The reward is — as you see here within the writing of
this book, are super states of creativity, in flow state that
enable me to work at 3000, 4000, 5000% greater levels of
create activity and speed of thought than I ever did before.
What you read here is simply me not thinking, opening my
mind to follow the intention to write a technical book on NMA
in a matter of days rather than weeks or months; but also learn
how generate energy from the act of creation — that actively
feeds the mind, the body, and the soul.
The shift from certainty to potentials.
This is certainly a gift I would like to share with you, and whilst
you may not wish to write a book, an accelerated mind is a
universal way of thinking that opens doors in everything, not
least the most important one for me — the recognition that
there is structure and form to consciousness; it works to a
pattern that is both inside and outside and there is a correlation
between what we think — individually and collectively, and the
world we experience — an active interaction.
There are specific aspects — archetypal aspects, processes
and mechanisms within people and within the courses of their
lives, that are certainly not random or arbitrary, and this
awareness gives us a glimpse beyond the texts of religious
doctrine and scripture that unfortunately has the corrupt hand
of man upon; interpreting and editing divine works to serve
human power structures across the centuries. If we clear the
mind of all the manipulation and egoistic drives, we start to see
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a much clearer picture of existence beyond the construct, and
that view is not all that bad — in fact, it’s pretty exciting, and
it’s just a perception away. Yet we are all part of the whole, the
sum of all human awareness as an average consciousness
resonance, which makes it impossible for the individual to
leave the rest behind, to ascend alone, as the individual is
intrinsically connected to all other consciousness of the whole.
It is only the transient nature of identity that creates the illusion
of separation.
As humans, are not like the animal world that are required to
gain energy by devouring other organisms as a base behaviour.
We do eat organisms for physical means, yet we have the
energetic field to play with and construct, to help us ascend.
Yet we must look to ascend as a whole. This message cannot
be over stated. Yet it is a challenge, perhaps the greatest
challenge, and has always been so, because the construct
formed of our unconscious behaviour over thousands of years,;
— perhaps an energetic field in its own right — akin to how
unconscious humans collectively move within crowd behaviour,
similar to starlings in flocks moving as one.
The term mass formation comes to light here, where great
swaths of the population become ever more unconscious in
their thought and behaviour, and as a consequence — a
division within humanity is created. Of those with a herd
instinct on one side, which is unconscious in it’s nature and
requires the individual to give up the power of expanding
thought to comply; to seek for all to comply to what are in the
end illogical and unrealistic, even fatal demands of a system
that cannot evolve as it has no creativity; and those who seek
greater awrness. This is where the conscious nature of true
leadership — or not for that matter, has a very real prospect of
either avoiding or manifesting war, atrocities, horror, crime and
oblivion. The unconscious threat to our existence can raise its
ugly head at any time, as we have as yet not solved the core
individual and social equation, one of awareness.
To think we are evolved as a society, and as race beyond killing
each-other, is a fallacy. We succumb all to easily to the
nonsensical ( what I tend to call the sixth-sense of the
unconscious mind) every-day, without thinking of the
ramifications, the ripple effect of what we do, or don’t do, and
the manipulation going on in the backgrounds of our societies.
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Thus we are always just a few choices away from the abyss as
individuals as much as nations and as a race. We tread an
unconscious path that will inevitably come to an end within the
next few years, either by violence, or by ascension; and the
choice happens to rest on your shoulders. For if you can
expand your mind without excuses, as quickly as you can, by
dedication and commitment to learning a process — you can
use to help others in times of need, in times of change, then we
have the possibility of the latter — CHANGE FOR THE GOOD.
But it’s not a given, it’s not a definite, and it’s not a certainty, it’s
a potential — we either use our latent mental potential to
manifest, or we head into the unknown with an unconscious
bag over the head not even wishing for the best — just in a
state of ignorance and denial.
Realising what is at stake, and what is required in these times
of social re-evolution, is part of NMA, and why it is so different
as a developmental mechanism to what has come before. We
have till this point for the most part — self-served, and focused
on the me, rather than focusing on the us. We’ve lived in fear of
our fellow man, within negative competition, and in
unconscious states — for about as long as it is possible
without destroying ourselves; for we certainly have the means,
and the human mind will undoubtedly destroy everything in this
world rather than concede it is wrong, whilst in the grip of the
ego; because being wrong is worse than death to the ego.
After all, the ego cannot transcend this world — so it might as
well destroy all before it is itself destroyed. For those of us who
aspire to ascend, we know that our identities are not the most
important thing; our lives are not the most important thing; that
this reality is just a transient state of evolution, and identity is
just the part of us that wants to live for ever.
But as we realise — even time is an illusion of relativity, giving
substance and form to life in a linear scale ( as this is how the
value of mortality works, over decades towards the point of a
finite physical death), we begin to accept that whilst death
comes to us all, however much we many try not to think about
the when, the where, and the how, the actual moment of death
— is a very short moment for us all, in relative terms to the time
of a life, that does go by ever quicker as the seasons pass.

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It’s what you do with that precious time that matters, and how
you polish the unforgiving minute with sixty seconds of
distance run, as Mr Kipling eloquently put it in his poem, IF.
And at this moment in time, both you and I have to up our
game considerably, to even keep up with sixty seconds
passing of evolution that will see change beyond our

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Chapter six
The choice to invest into a driver’s outcome or a passenger’ s

Think on it…
If you went to school, you were exposed to 15 years of
repetitive informational cramming to your brain, which
conditioned you into convergent left brain thinking, with limited
creative problem solving. FACT YOU CANNOT GET AWAY
You may think your thinking is good, but the very fact you were
exposed this level of conditioning means you are functioning at
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under 5% of your available capacity, with your ego making up
the difference. You are in the shell, and can only perceive from
within that bubble, outside where I am, you are just slowtarded.
And the proof of this, is you won’t accept you are. or do
anything about it, because your ego won’t let you escape, and
the construct has your life by the balls.
We can of course, at any point become the creators of a better
world — together, and what higher purpose could you find in
how to spend your priceless life-time. Yet mostly, we find
people doing their little bit for their egoistic needs, kidding
themselves they are doing what is necessary to make change
and perhaps avoid catastrophe.
It’s a bit like turning up to a tsunami with a glass, and saying
I’m helping out, but only as much as I can — within the time I
have available, because my time is far more important than any
bigger-picture thinking.
Yet this is where the problem lies, and the answer is located.
For it’s time to escape from our small lives, of the same old
self-based thinking; it’s time to take up arms against a sea of
troubles, and by opposing end them (Hamlet). As a sea of
people with the foresight to know what they need to do, and
the determination to navigate the future for all of us to a better
place and outcome, is whats needed, and this book is your call
to action, its your time TO BE, OR NOT TO NOT BE BY
Remember, we are making the unconscious conscious on an
individual and societal level, and this means developing a
strategic mind-space that can create solutions — leveraging
the unconscious in flow state. The schematic above lays out
the choice of paths open — now it is up to you to make that
choice once again:
Do you think you can be more? How much more? How far
along the line are you? And are you prepared to adapt your life?
Are you prepared to make the decision & commitment to aspire
as your priority? And in so doing accelerate away? To actualise
self and socially actualise? So you ascend to the next level of

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You now have the reasons why you and anyone who has
attended school has been mentally suppressed; you have the
methodology to escape the jail; you have the support to do
what is necessary? And the guidance that will change every
part of your life — if that is, you are prepared to trade who you
currently think you are, to become who you were destined to
be, and do what you were destined to do.
It’s the choice of a lifetime, that in some religions represents
the time of the beginning of ascension, or alternatively the
choice to go round again in the next life; until that is, you learn
to make the right choices — away from the I to the Us, and
take responsibility for your creative and destructive powers.
Funnily enough — it really is karmic on a psychological and
spiritual level, and your soul — your higher self — is the part of
you that has to be prepared to let go of the inauthentic
identity’s attachment to the material world. Of course, you
don’t have to believe in such rubbish, and decide for yourself
there is absolutely no purpose or mechanism to anything, or
behind anything for that matter; because you have decided in
your wisdom from your few short years of life — you know
Either way, the decision has already been made, it’s now just a
matter of you living with the consequences of your choice —
for following either the ignorance or the enlightenment paths.
One is easier in the short-term — but not the long (a secure
prison), and the other is the place you need to go spiritually
(into the freedom of the unknown). But there really is no kidding
yourself here, trying to get by with a half-in — half-out
approach. As this never works out for anyone, as you inevitably
fall between the two into the abyss of confusion.
Awareness is consciousness, and the phrase — “you do not
know what you do not know” comes to mind in the
development of the mind-space. Ascension as a mechanism,
requires the individual to make the shift — to step out of the
shell, not with a “what’s in it for me?” mentality, but because it
is a calling from the soul, the core, the higher-self, because
you’ve managed to solve the karmic puzzle, without cheating
yourself, through your ego’s self deception.

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I’m afraid you are very see-through in your vibration, and the
state of your consciousness is written all over your face, your
body, what you say, what you do, and the choices you make as
they reverberate across eternity. Even the simplest of your
thoughts are transparent to the universe, as you are an open
book to the energetic field; so there really is no hiding, however
much you might want to egoistically think you know more than
the universe, and this is the humbling question that we are all
asked to answer in earnest. The question above all questions.
It’s quite liberating, or it’s quite incarcerating in a spiritual
sense. But it’s your choice. To be or not to be, to accept your
abject ignorance so you can grow spiritually, or remain ignorant
of your ignorance within the egoistic shell.
The banquet is laid, you have the invitation, it’s just a question
as to whether you decide you are either just to busy with your
life down here — to accept eternity’s call, or you look up from
the construct and get real. It doesn’t matter if you are a CEO, a
billionaire, an industrialist, a politician, a scientist, a publisher, a
teacher, a doctor, an anybody or a nobody … none of this
matters when you get asked the question of what did you
choose to do with your life … the construct’s pawn or the
consciousness path.
You cannot have it both ways I’m afraid, and you cannot delay
your decision, for once you are given the choice, and make
your choice — your unconscious will create the reality you
decided for yourself — at a rate of 40 million bits of data per
second, and once the ball starts rolling, it’s rather impossible to
Spiritual dynamics are as much a part of our lives as the
psychological. Whether we are religious or not — there is a part
of us that yearns for a conscious connection. Connected to a
mechanism that is as old as humanity and the universe itself,
for consciousness as a potential, is as much a part of our
reality as the physical world; it is not physical, yet it manifests
through the electrical impulses of the brain, to interface with
this reality — within an identity that is transient in its nature,
constantly shifting and reshaping in-line with the individual and
collective state of awareness we hold. This is why — when we
explore theoretical consciousness, we are looking to explore
concepts and ideas that have been part of the human
experience since the beginning of our existence as a race; for
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without looking into the workings of the metaphysical and the
quantum physical worlds, we cannot hope to understand the
connections between all the frequencies of our realm, our
awareness, and how there is a correlation between all things.
Existence, is after all a frequency — a vibration, and it is simply
how we choose to consciously or unconsciously view this
reality that matters. It is the individual’s choice, and it certainly
has many ties to the psychological elements of how identity
forms and exists within us — within a state of ignorance until
we surface and awake.
NMA is a psychological, theological, philosophical,
physiological, metaphysical, quantum physical and spiritual
mechanism, that pulls together the fractional nature of human
awareness within the construct, to gain the wisdom necessary
to break-out. This is a process founded on research into the
mind and study of human behaviour, as individuals and within
the social group; all the levels and the influences that form
barriers to our ascension. Consequently, it is the most
advanced form of mental development available — evolved to
help humanity transcend into a new stage of our
consciousness evolution, beyond the paradigms of the past.
Yes — we can scientifically increase your mind’s capacity by
focusing on structure first, rather than information or basic
mental exercises in problem-solving… as these work through
the existing ascendant identity based around self-identification
through limitation. But unfortunately — whilst a five-year-old
will jump at the chance to think more expansively, an adult has
no such desire to better themselves, as their brain has been
conditioned not to do so.
Many years ago, I thought that free thought existed in people,
and given the right choice to make between expansion and
suppression, they would see a different/better path and take it;
because it was common sense and logic to do so. Yet people
don’t do things out of such reasonable thinking; in fact, they do
things that are totally illogical, ill thought-out, self-defeating,
self-harming, even deadly to themselves and others, simply
because they are not in control of their own minds; their
behaviour doesn’t support that they are, it’s illogical,
emotionally volatile, and often selfish to the extreme.

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Human thinking is often based on superstition, fate, and beliefs
that serve unconscious social and personal patterns —
founded through egocentric minds within a negatively polarised
world. They often find it difficult to help themselves, or
recognise the path they should take to better themselves or
their lives. For just like our wild animal counterparts — who
through generations of collective experience, have learnt not to
trust humanity — with good cause, in humans — this means
ourselves. We don’t trust our own kind, and nir do we trust our
own ability to think.
Thus, humanity need figures of authority to make their
decisions for them, and live in a society where personal
responsibility has little part to play in the order of things, as
more and more systems of control are brought in. No species
on the planet is a threat to itself in the way humanity is. Yet
unlike any other species, we have choice, but actively choose
not to exercise choice.
Social & Universal Dynamics are an important part of the six
dynamics of life we study in NMA. Firstly — as we have
touched upon — personal dynamics, then social,
environmental, situational, universal, and spiritual dynamics.
These are all rather large aspects of the holistic human
condition, interlinking in many ways, so we can have some
semblance of sense, even when the way we live, intrinsically
and extrinsically doesn’t make a huge amount of sense. This is
the sixth sense, the ability to live in non-sense and convince
yourself it makes sense.
If it did, people wouldn’t be obese or lack respect of bodies, so
much so that their organs fail. If it did, they would seek to make
the life experience as rich as possible, and their thinking as
optimised as it can be; for a brain that is more agile is just
going to be more effective and life is going yo be a whole lot
more fun. So here we return back to the D list of resistance,
after looking at our C suit of upgrades, to explore a little more
why people — given the choice, stay within the cage. Why you
may stay within the cage!
It is no different to our caged tiger — in its simplest form of
reality. The tiger doesn’t know any different; it’s lived in a state
and place of security all its life; it doesn’t have to make the
decisions freedom requires; the meals are there; and it works
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to the agenda of its masters. With humans, we can break this
down a little more, to why the shift — for all it’s science and
research, all it’s history, all the neuroscience, is resisted — and
more importantly as we go, how this may be overcome.

Within our next series of schematics, we contemplate the
choice of breaking-out of the shell, as well as the conditioning
and the suppressive jail of the mind that we live within. We
must at this point, take a moment on our journey, to look a little
deeper so we can see the fork in the road a little clearer, to
make the choice a more considered one.
Nothing here is easy, as much of the information — challenges
the perception of self and you world view. Perception is all in
our experience of this reality, and recognising it is very different
for all of us — because of bandwidth, which is operating at
differing levels. Yet as we have discussed, NMA can expand
bandwidth and give considerably wider new perspectives,
creative problem-solving, thought speed and clarity, as well as
access to the experiential learning bank and the quantum field,.
So there is a big old banquet to feed upon here my friend!
However, what stops a person regaining what’s been lost, the
issues this causes, or even recognising the problems that are
coming over the horizon? And when I mean problems, I’m
referring the massive social change in terms of the lay-offs all
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left-brain process-driven jobs including lawyers, doctors, IT,
politicians, transport … everything, and the re-purposing of
humanity. Whatever repurposing may actually work out to be.

Doubting yourself is a symptom of living within the social
construct. It’s not natural from a survival point of view as an
adult — doubting yourself on a kill or be killed hunting trip is
only going to end up one way sooner or later, so where does
this most common of human maladies come in and who does
it serve?
Well, it certainly doesn’t serve you, but it serves society — that
you don’t step up and out to question the narrative, and just do
your life-time without being noticed. Just one of a race of
people who have inbuilt psychological mechanisms that come
from a negatively competitive society, where the egoistic,
narcissistic and even psychopathic, put down the more
sensitive and empathetic to extract energy.
Note: Stealing energy from other people, is then only option,
for if your are not connected to a universal field, where energy
is limitless you can only take it from your fellow human being.
Think for a minute when you had just a little power over
another human being, how did you feel? Power is the most
addictive narcotic in the universe, and some people are
absolute junkies to its acquisition.
Doubt starts with unconsciously doubting yourself in your
capacity to think effectively — it’s an insecure feeling of the
shell to keep you safe in the first birth of the body and mind
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before activation and the release of the core spiritual identity.
But within the construct, the feeling is magnified, as you doubt
yourself in your abilities, your worth, your value, your capacity
to be loved and sometimes your reason to live; your value to
society or anybody for that matter.
Do you think we learned this, or is it a natural part of our
survival behaviour though our lives — you make the choice. For
me it’s not natural, it once was, as I accepted it as being part of
normal life, the accepted narrative, the only one — but there is
no normal here. So if you decide it is normal, try to put together
a coherent argument that helps me buy into your reality of
limitation, sell it to me, get me to go back yo it — for if it makes
sense for you and is better than my current reality of flow state,
hemispheric synchronisation, super creativity, awareness and
destiny, then I’m up for that! Why wouldn’t I be?
Exercise: Sell me your reality…write it out and send it to me at
• Your perspective
• Your job
• Your businesses
• Your family
• Your relationship
• Your personal philosophical belief system
• Your future
• Your destiny
• Your end game
End game is always a good place to start with any crime, and
self-doubt is certainly a crime to generate in someone else, as
well as nurture in yourself. It’s a negative pattern of behaviour
— nothing more, adopted unconsciously through our
interactions without others during our formative years — from
parents, siblings, teachers relatives etc. Once it’s embedded,
it’s difficult for the individual to change on their own, as it

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becomes part of the limiting self identification system, and
becomes part of the holistic identity.
Delay or procrastination can be a big part of the unconscious
mind’s behaviour, as the ability to make complex decisions
beyond needs-based-thinking is not formed effectively.
Consequently, individuals need managers, superiors or even
goals — to take over from their parents. Most need business
owners to take the lead, as they simply don’t self-identify as
having the capacity for making reasonable decisions beyond
repetitive daily life choices, such as what do I eat tonight.
Most decisions in the shell state are made on an instinctive
emoticon level, and anything that requires free agile thought is
simply too much to address, so putting off decisions is the
primary unconscious strategy that is employed. There is a lack
of critical thinking ability and effect assessment, which means
the bandwidth of thought is very limited, which causes
defensive mechanisms to come in, leading to distraction as a
way of avoiding making the decision. What differentiates those
who are in business and those who are employees, is the
ability to make and take decisions effectively, and draw in
many concepts, alternatives and outcomes at the same time.
This is why within NMA, learning effective decision-making
skills are a fundamental tool, and this does not mean taking
aeons of time to think about what you are about to do.
“I need to think about it” is a key linguistic phrase of the
unconscious mind, one that has not developed assessment
capabilities, and the ability to take immediate effective action
or risk. Again, making rapid and effective decisions is a key
survival requirement of our evolution and our future with AI, but
not within a construct that actively seeks to remove this ability
to maintain it own supremacy.
As we go through the digital revolution, the essential abilities
we need train both children and adults in, are actually
fundamental survival skills, for without developing the minds
agility of thought, you will simply not be able to keep up —
and consequently become extinct. Thus, there is a palpable
division in society occurring, between those who will evolve
and those who will be left behind. A key determination of this is
nothing to do with intelligence, it’s to do with the analytical
development and situational assessment capability of a
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person, as well as society as a whole. This is our next
evolutionary step.
Our next behaviour to look at — is the state of denial, where
we actually go further down in frequency, and end up denying
to ourselves that we can be more completely. Denial works
hand in hand with cognitive dissonance, where the individual
can only see what suits their protective world view, and
anything that threatens just a part of that view threatens the
Awareness means acceptance and assessment of situations,
so decisions can be made effectively and quickly. If we remain
in denial, this survival pattern cannot engage, effectively
rendering us inept in every way. Again, in survival terms, this is
not an effective strategy, as trying to hide from the truth is
always going to negate the ability to deal with situations
progressively. The protective mechanisms of the shell are there
to help a mind that has not yet reached the capacity to be self
aware, thus there are huge gaps in the persons understanding
and awareness of themselves, society — everything, the
picture is not fully formed in conscious terms. Consequently,
the mind has to support this identity of limitation through the
D’s we see in the schematic, blanking-out any subject matter
that threatens the personally projected perspective reality. It is
one way of coping — a coping strategy; thus denial is a coping
mechanism within an identity of limitation. Consequently, when
faced with the concept of being more, the identity has to

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accept that has been less than it could have been. Egoistically
this is often just too much.
We all enter into the behaviour of distraction as a way of
realising the mind from obligation or stress, or avoiding
situations and choices we don’t want to make. You may
remember an argument where the person you were talking to
just wanted to make a cup of tea, make a phone call, switch on
the TV, go for a walk — anything but face the situation and
resolve it. As you will undoubtedly be realising — distraction,
when an elephant is coming over the horizon to run you down,
is a strategy that will only work for so long, to the point you get
trampled under foot. Again, it’s a protective defence
mechanism that the unconsciously ascendent mind needs to
employ, as it simply doesn’t have the capacity, awareness, or
the experience to do anything else.
Making decisions, as we have discussed, is a learned
behavioural skill that must be practiced, lest we lose the ability
by inactivity. For neuroplasticity expands and contracts, based
on what outcome you ask your brain to achieve — intention,
the function you put it to, and the environment you put it in.
Three key factors I would like you to learn and remember as
fundamentals of NMA.
Moving forward, distortion works well when you want to be
right at all costs; distorting what is said or what happened, or
even a subject in its entirety — to suit your limited perception,
is a very useful defence mechanism. Remember, the shell
identity has to preserve its sense of integrity at all costs, even
when the thinking doesn’t add up, isn’t coherent, congruent or
correct; egoistic defence mechanisms have to step in, if the
person is not open to growth — as many people aren’t, to
protect the sense of value of the self with the construct. Again

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this has nothing to do with intelligence or what a person does
or doesn’t know, it’s all about protecting the identity of
limitation by altering the outside world to fit the inner map. This
is closely aligned with deletion, deletion of facts and
information that do not support the egoistic identities internal
map of the world, and threatens its position of being right at all
costs. The deletion that counts here, is the deletion of what
you’ve heard on the NMA programs and what you’ve read here.
If your mind removes everything from your focus, then its not
long before you are distracted by the shell away from growth
and expansion, and you return to the old perspective reality,
the jail of the mind.

Here we run into ever more dangerous territory, especially
when distortion becomes part of a group psychosis, generating
a collective belief system that has no sense, but potentially
drastic outcomes. The mind within the shell within the
construct is not only functioning at a fraction of its available
capacity, but the preferred state of ignorance is individually and
collectively very dangerous and can lead to mass formation
within society, a form of group psychosis that can spread
locally, nationally and globally.
Ignorance, fear and prejudice within the shell based identity,
are a very toxic mix, that gives those with megalomania or
psychopathic tendencies, the opportunity to influence millions
of people to commit acts and atrocities that they would
otherwise never be able to do in times of normal/ peaceful life.
We have seen this both in fascist and communist regimes, and
now through the potential of a global authoritarian technocratic
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This is why working to shift as many people out of the jails of
the shell and the social construct towards free agile thought is
the most important work — of not only our time, but of any
time. It is truly the liberation of the human mind body and spirit
from the construct, which like all systems has a beginning, a
middle and an end. The suppression of the human mind to fit
into the commercial pyramid of power comes to an end as an
age when people ask questions that cannot be answered or
the answers no longer make sense. This is what re-evolution
through the opening of information to all achieves, but with it
turbulent times, as the minds of the masses are ill prepared for
such free thought and responsibility, and what was just
standard anti establishment reading such as Shakespeare or
Keats for that matter, is deemed as subversive and radical to a
bureaucracy that will inevitably die and fears that death more
than anything. Consequently, those in power will destroy
everything, even the world rather than give up the power they
have been so accustomed to. It’s not the first time, but the
power of weapons available to the few are technologically at a
point where Armageddon is simply a few seconds away, unless
we act. This action is what NMA is all about.
If your mind makes the shift to super creative thought, we
stand a far greater chance of survival, thus you are both the
problem and the solution in your quality of thinking, or lack of

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Within the construct, there is no awareness of the shift, and
consequently no super-creative state. It’s a prison with four
walls that are highly effective in keeping a person — all people
— locked within for their entire lives. It’s not a bad place, it’s
just a place that requires suffering on many levels on a global
basis to function. It requires a perpetual state of ignorance
from people to blank out the questions that are the keys to
ascension. It requires you to be locked within an egoistic
inauthentic social identity avatar, that can function and operate
without deep thought within a restricted reality; this is the
purpose of the construct.
There are four walls of conformity to keep humanity tightly
locked in from all angles from birth — social conformity,
political & legal conformity, commercial conformity, and
religious conformity.
Social conformity requires you to compete with others as far as
position and status, to enter a race that demands you seek
validation and acceptance through your continual obedience to
a path that requires you gain a job, enter a marriage, create a
home, have children, work to pay bills, retire and die. It’s a path
that all who have come before you have followed and thought
that was the only way. People locked within commercial
conformity, to chase the desire to have rather than be; putting
success within the construct above freedom of mind, body and
spirit. Encased by rules and leaders that form legal & political
conformity, so there is no position to change anything, just
remain subservient to the commercial pyramid of power, until
the exit ramp comes, which is governed by religious conformity
— a faith — one of ten thousand available doctrines that
require further subservience — some Devine, but all with the
manipulative hand of man between the masses and god.
Now, here you are faced with taking a position, one within the
construct or one that accepts a path to enlightenment and
ascension. If you don’t accept you can be more, and if you
don’t accept the science behind your loss of fluid intelligence,
and the suppression of your mind into convergent thinking
through 15 years or more of educational conditioning, then you
will ultimately be taking a position that you will have to argue to
endure your suppression and incarceration, by deletion and
distortion, or alternatively adopt the use of critical thought to
become the true architect and creator of your reality.
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NMA as a discipline, requires you to take a position and
effectively argue it. It requires the use of catalysts — thought
and belief challenges that are used to develop the
neuroplasticity of the brain, the structure itself, so the
bandwidth and frequency of consciousness/awareness can be
expanded through the shift into the core of identity aligned with
destiny. Everything within NMA is a form of critical challenge to
develop thought, no other reason, no other purpose. NMA is
not a philosophical belief system, nor a doctrine, it’s simply a
process to develop the mind from the mindset, to the
If you are not in hemispheric synchronisation, stepping into
gamma and theta brain waves at will for problem solving and
creativity, and leveraging the unconscious mind at 40 million
bits of data per second, then you first have to ask yourself why,
and then ask yourself why you would not want to upgrade your
thought to normal function, to regain what was stolen from
you? It’s the most important question of your life, with an
answer that will transcend beyond this life; but also make this
life the life it was destined to be.
To unlock your potential you need a process, and this means
deconstructing how you identify yourself within your personally
projected prospective reality of limitation. Your identity as it is
will of course resist, as it wants to survive at all costs, and has
long been in the ascendant position. Cemented in the mindset,
on the island of certainty, within the construct. Its not an easy
task as it’s you against you — literally. The battle of a lifetime
for a lifetime.
Consequently through over 15 years of research into the minds
of individuals and group dynamics, as well as bringing together
the wisdom of Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Freud, Jung, Haanel,
Hill — the list goes on, we have pieced together, trialled and
tested systems for effective mental acceleration, through
addressing neuroplasticity.
The only way to to this is to challenge the existing identity, as
we will go through in part two. If you do this you will
unconsciously identify yourself through the limitations you have
been exposed to. These are not real, they are the boundaries of
your identity, and you express and reinforce them with the
words you use, the thoughts you have, the emotions that work
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within you, the beliefs you hang onto, and the reactions you
take. If you have been to school, your identity will be about
limitation and self doubt, which can only be expressed in
defence or aggression, fight flight or freeze — ego based
thought within the identity avatar, the autopilot of limitation,
with very limited flexibility, understanding or forgiveness. Just
simply pride, judgement, and opinionated thought, without the
ability to explore beyond the boundaries of your sense of
certainty. Here there is no growth, as you will be wearing a suit
of armour that will allow you to feel protected, justified, and
secure — but also deny you true connectivity and expansion. If
you are in a construct, you have to establish your position
either internally within an egocentric reality, or externally within
the inauthentic social identity governed by ego. You will wear a
bag of selective ignorance over your head, and decorate the
interior with selective pictures that make up the holistic identity
of limitation… surviving through the glue of ego. In this place
you will doubt, delay, deny, distract, delete and distort
everything to support your island of certainty in the sea of
eternity, and actively choose to live in a jail of the mind to do
so. If you want to break out, you will have to learn how. Just
like brain surgeon learns a very skilled craft, that takes
constant practice at the most focused end of attention. The
more you practice, the more you apply the more you will
become a master of NMA and life itself, by first undoing all that
you have learned, and deconstructing each aspect of your
shell, your armour until you get to source, the core of you. A
place without the needs based thinking, so you can build back
out and accelerate away. There is nothing easy here, and the
process of NMA will strip you back as naked as a baby, before
the world got hold of you, and told you what to think, what to
say, what to do, and how to live within a jail. Accept you are in
a jail and accept that you can be more, and thats the beginning
of the process to prepare to walk the path to enlightenment.
Accept nothing and nothing will change.
The four mechanisms behind NMA are designed to address
structure, nothing more :

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Quantum psychology
This is a psychological process that is carried out over twelve
foundational sessions set in three modules: change
development and masters. Each session is three hours long,
set in a public place such as a hotel or coffee shop, or
alternatively on the internet. Sessions are conducted by
individuals who have mastered hemispheric synchronisation —
gamma & theta, and can leverage the unconscious mind. They
have escaped the jail of convergent left-brain thinking and self-
identification within limitation, and are thus in the mind-space
and uploading from the experiential wisdom bank, and down-
loading from the quantum field. Consequently—their
awareness levels, thought speed, thought to verbalisation
speed, intuition and insight levels are far greater than a person
in convergent thinking, and far more focused in strategic
awareness and destination thinking than a divergent thinker.
The fluid capacity of a mind that has gone through the NMA
training is demonstrably more powerful than one that hasn’t,
thus the subject simply cannot keep up with the trainers speed
of thought and focus (a speed that continues to increase the
more training is conducted).
Consequently in the change module — as you will see in part
two, the objective is to overwhelm the mind with physiological,
linguistic, internal dialogue and informational awareness, until
the mind resets and goes blank; as a result, often the person
cannot remember the sessions relating to what was said or
covered. At this reset point, there is a shift from what we call
lensing — through the personal projected perspective reality
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that the identity sees the world through; the limits come off,
and awareness begins to develop with new states of fluid
intelligence; if the overwhelm is not achieved as a first position,
the individual will lens information only through the filters, and
not enter the in-formation state, often signified by I’ve never
thought about it like that before, which denotes the mind is
open to program, rather than remain in limitation.
Quantum psychology differs from conventional psychological
methodology, as its focus is on developing structure, first and
foremost. Rather than taking the therapeutic route — of
working with the existing identity which is layered within a
complex egoistic belief system, NMA seeks ti bypass and reset
the brain. A simple metaphor to explain this, would be, if i
brought a hungry tiger into the room its unlikely you will tell the
tiger all your childhood trauma, instead you will immediately
look for the exit and strategise your survival in a matter of
seconds. NMA introduces a linguistic tiger challenge to enter
into this state, and thus works far quicker, by then looking at
the linguistic self programming as part of a computer
programming system that is the brain, operating within six
dynamics of life: personal, social, environmental, situational,
universal, and spiritual.

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The second part of the process is exploring theoretical
consciousness, which means in the second module of the
development stage, discussing archetypal perspectives of
experience to expand and challenge the mind. Looking at the
logic behind critical thought is the purpose here, as well as
observation and calibration of the outside world from a non
blame or judgmental way. In effect we are deconstructing
thought and belief systems, and setting up programs within the
mind that will constantly do this.

The third part, involves the masters that requires the individual
to learn advanced socratic argument and critical thought, using
the foundations laid in previous sessions — these techniques
are initially applied to oneself, and then in assessment of the
awareness of others. Practitioners of NMA, are required to shift
their self identification from the state of selective ignorance, in
a passenger, victim, or egoistic position, into that of a driver.
Consequently it is important to remove all judgement and
blame and replace with practical self and social
Learning critical thought through non-combative argument/
socratic argument is a highly skilled endeavour to master; the
foundation modules are designed to be experienced in
conjunction with polymathic training which is primarily focused
on the development of flow state. Polymathic training starts
with developing confidence, creativity and communication
skills within a public speaking format. The training allows for
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letting go of the convergent mind, and having the confidence to
allow the unconscious to do the the work — through intention
and strategic thought, whilst maintaining a mind division
observing self in the flow state.

The process of NMA works with the neuroplasticity of the mind
as you know, developing the structure, expanding the
bandwidth & frequency of thought, to access greater states of
awareness, super-creativity and agility. It’s not an easy path,
and it’s not one with an end, only continual growth.
It’s up to you to determine how far you would like to go. But
you can of course, decide that as you go.