A story with a Divine Message

A Story with a Divine Message

Equivalence of the Male and the Female
By Helmut W. Werner

Recensie door Niels Pilaar

What happens when a scientifically trained physicist after his retirement suddenly has mystical experiences? This little booklet tells you all about it. A Story with a Divine Message is not a literary masterpiece, but a personal masterpiece of unexplainable experiences and insights. Set in a dialogue between two women, the mystical experiences and insights gained are shared with scientific explanations.

A Story with a Divine Message deals with questions like:

  • What is the essence of matter beyond the limits of physical methods?
  • What is the relationship between religion and spirituality?
  • How can something be part of the whole and at the same time be the whole?
  • What is the difference between man and woman? Is there a difference?
  • What is light and what is darkness? Where does light come from?
  • Is Life about emanation or creation?
  • What is the role of the masculine and that of the feminine? What is the purpose of this difference?

Ultimately the author, Helmut W. Werner, calls for re-awakening the awareness that man and woman have totally equal parts in the manifestation of our reality. One cannot exist without the other.